Laminating Adhesives for Difficult to Bond Substrates

laminating adhesivesAdvances in adhesive chemistry technology combined with processing know-how is making a range of unique substrate combinations feasible. Many manufacturers are getting creative with unexpected combinations of materials to fill untapped market demands for finished products. By pushing to bond new and challenging materials that provide desirable properties such as enhanced stiffness, lightweighting, sound deadening or thermal-breaks, manufacturers today are driving the evolution of laminating adhesives.

End-use applications for laminating adhesives range from typical products like automotive panels to extraordinary engineering for new consumer and building products which are lightweight, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Various materials including TPO, plastics, aluminum, steel and vinyls can be bonded to create a wide variety of products such as dry erase boards, RV insulation or panels. Metal sandwich panels, sandwiching aluminum honeycomb between sheets of aluminum creates a lightweight yet durable, high-strength composite panels used in things like utility trailers.

Unique Products and Substrates Could Be Difficult to Bond

Basically, manufacturers are considering any combination imaginable of difficult to bond substrates when designing unique products with differentiating qualities. Lamination bonding with some substrates can pose challenges for many different reasons. For example, odd or irregular shaped products could be challenging for evenly coating laminating adhesive, so precoating the substrate with adhesive and bonding the laminate enables the part to be post formed.

The adhesive used must have the right properties such as cure speed and temperatures to work well with the laminating machinery equipment and the chosen substrates.

Custom Lamination Bonding Adhesives Provide Cost-Efficient Processing

Unique laminating applications require easy processing with cost-efficient lamination bonding. Whether manufacturers are laminating in-house or outsourcing to coil coating companies, highly engineered chemistries of lamination bonding adhesives must deliver robust curing window, durable and reliable bonding, impact resistance, resistance to moisture, changing temperatures and many other customer and application-specific properties. Manufacturers are continually challenging industrial adhesive engineers to fulfill various processing and equipment requirements, with adhesives that produce a range of properties such as b-stage bonding, wide cure response window and other custom specifications.

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