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Over 5 decades of expertise
Industry leaders in adhesives, coil-applied industrial coatings, and industrial drum and pail coating technology since 1967.

Universal Chemicals and Coatings

This site highlights some of Universal Chemicals & Coatings’ more popular, core-portfolio of coatings and service offerings.   Unlike many of the large industrial coatings suppliers in the market, we also realize that many users of coatings have their own unique operational challenges.  As our company was built on our ability to develop and deliver unique and differentiating innovation for customizable solutions, we often partner with our customers to expand on this portfolio to create unique coatings solutions that bring greater value to them.   Please contact us to learn how Unichem can empower your company to be a cut above the rest.

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Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, has been a coatings technology leader in the industrial drum and pail markets and coil applied industrial coatings and adhesives since our inception in 1967.  As our winged tiger logo represents integrity, wisdom and agility, these are the values UNICHEM operates with in everything we do.

Our heritage, knowledge, and expertise enable us to deliver better solutions, service, and value today for tomorrow’s successes.  UNICHEM provides:

  • A Tradition of Excellence
  • Insights & Innovation
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • A deep knowledge of Application methodologies
  • A focus on Value Creation

Our Team

Our dedicated team consists of some of the leading industrial coating scientists and engineers in the industry, with deep technical knowledge of market and technology innovation. We offer a wide variety of products developed with cutting edge technology, as well as custom designed paints, coatings, and laminating adhesives to suit your needs.

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