Premium Dry Erase Coatings: Brainstorm Beyond the Boardroom

premium dry erase coatingsToday’s thriving companies are those that embrace teamwork and communication, which is why many businesses are utilizing premium dry erase coatings, a step-up from the traditional whiteboard. Boardrooms in small businesses to Fortune 500 companies are using dry erase coating technology to encourage free thinking and sharing of ideas with open communication.  With premium dry erase coatings, any commercial space can be transformed to a free flowing idea wall, cubicle or hallway.

With an entire dry erase wall, you can keep your ideas flowing without having to erase to make more room like on a framed whiteboard.  Adding dry erase coating technology to all four walls in a meeting room allows anyone around the table access to show their ideas without running out of presentation space.  Most CEOs agree, dry erase technology is great for brainstorming, and dry erase coatings are a clear winner over the clumsy, space-taking boards that always fade and need to be replaced.

So how do you find the best dry erase coatings for your business? Speak with a custom coatings manufacturer like UNICHEM, who offers premium dry erase coatings that hold up to heavy boardroom usage.

Premium Dry Erase Coatings with Scuff Resistance and No Ghosting 

Gone are the days of whiteboards that do not come clean, this ghosting effect leaves visible lines from prior marker use and is unpleasant to eye and uninviting to idea sharing.  Quality dry erase coatings are a must to maintain your professional reputation and a clean office or commercial space.  Premium dry erase coatings by UNICHEM promote sharing of ideas, always with a clean slate.

UNICHEM offers uniRASE dry erase coating technology that strikes the right blend of value and function, proven for superior eraseability without ghosting when tested on over 100 different markers. uniRASE applied as a coil coated dry erase finish and formed into wall panels, doors, cubicles, hallways, or panels on curved surfaces. uniRASE answers the call for a more efficient and cost-effective method to expand the dry-erase market.

Dry-Erase Technology Includes Antimicrobial Feature

uniRASE supports critical thinking in many applications beyond the corporate boardroom, including medical facilities, speaking or coaching events, schools and universities.  Our team of chemical and coating specialists can help you understand the possibilities with technologies such as uniCLER antimicrobial technology that prevents virus and bacteria growth and the spread of harmful pathogens.

uniRASE NANO technology provides added scuff resistance with enhanced durability, available when applied to any surface.

UNICHEM is a chemical and coating industry leader, offering specialty and custom chemistries to meet your specifications.  We provide durable and reliable industrial adhesives, drum and pail coatings and linings, sealing compounds, strippable films and more. Contact us to learn more about our cutting-edge premium dry erase technology.