uniRASE: Revolutionizing Dry Erase Surfaces with Superior Technology and Creativity

Dry Erase Surfaces

In the realm of collaborative workspaces and educational environments, the need for versatile, durable, and high-quality writing surfaces is paramount. UNICHEM’s uniRASE, a premium dry-erase coating, stands as a testament to innovation in this field.

With uniRASE Gen 4A Dry Erase Coating System, UNICHEM has set a new benchmark for dry-erase surfaces. uniRASE coating systems offer a cost-effective alternative to costly porcelain products, and they far surpass the performance of traditional laminate film dry-erase products in functionality and value. Explore the myriad advantages of uniRASE and its transformative impact on creative and professional spaces.

The uniRASE Advantage: A Blend of Function and Value

UNICHEM’s uniRASE dry-erase coating technology is a premium solution designed to provide an optimal balance of function and value. This advanced coating system has undergone extensive testing, proving its exceptional performance against over a hundred different colored markers, including permanent marker removal. Here are some key advantages that set uniRASE apart:

Superior Erasability and Durability

One of the standout features of uniRASE is its superior erasability. Tested for over 20,000 dry-erase rub cycles, it demonstrates remarkable resilience, maintaining a clean, ghost-free surface even after extensive use. This durability ensures that the surface remains pristine and functional for a prolonged period, far outlasting conventional dry-erase products.

Coil Coated for Large Creative Spaces

UNICHEM’s innovative approach involves coil coating uniRASE, allowing for the creation of large, continuous dry-erase surfaces. This method is a game-changer for collaborative workspaces, educational institutions, and brainstorming areas, providing expansive canvases for creativity and idea sharing.

Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

Adding to its versatility, uniRASE, applied via the coil coating process, uniRASE creates a durable magnetic dry-erase surface, combining the functionality of a writing surface with the convenience of a magnetic board or other surfaces. This dual functionality makes uniRASE an ideal choice for dynamic workspaces where flexibility and multi-functionality are key.

Endless Possibilities for Creative and Visionary Spaces

The application of uniRASE extends beyond traditional boardrooms and classrooms, offering endless possibilities for creative and visionary spaces.

Transforming Workspaces

In the modern workplace, the ability to collaborate and visualize ideas is crucial. uniRASE coatings transform ordinary walls into interactive workspaces, fostering collaboration and innovation. This transformation is particularly beneficial in environments such as design studios, tech companies, and brainstorming areas.

Enhancing Educational Environments

For educational settings, uniRASE offers a dynamic and interactive learning surface. Its durability and ease of cleaning make it ideal for heavy-use environments like classrooms, libraries, and labs, where the exchange of ideas is constant.

Customizable and Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond functionality, uniRASE coatings add an aesthetic appeal to spaces. They can be customized to fit the design and color scheme of any environment, ensuring that the functional addition of a dry-erase surface also complements the room’s decor.

Comparing uniRASE with Traditional Options

When compared to expensive porcelain and traditional laminate film dry-erase products, uniRASE stands out in several key areas:

  • Performance: uniRASE’s ability to resist ghosting and maintain a clean surface is unparalleled, even after extensive use.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Unlike porcelain, which can be expensive, uniRASE offers a high-quality solution at a more economical price point.
  • Installation Flexibility: The coil coating process used for uniRASE allows for easier installation on various surfaces, unlike the more rigid porcelain boards.
  • Customizable uniRASE can be converted into an antimicrobial writing surface by incorporating UNICHEM’s uniCLER antimicrobial technology into the coating system.

UNICHEM’s uniRASE and uniRASE Gen 4A Dry Erase Coating Systems represent a significant advancement in dry-erase coating technology. The exceptional durability, superior erasability, and versatile applications make them an ideal choice for a wide range of environments, from corporate offices to educational institutions.

Elevate your creative and collaborative spaces with UNICHEM’s uniRASE dry-erase coatings. Experience the difference in quality, durability, and versatility with our premium dry-erase solutions. Let UNICHEM help you brainstorm beyond the boardroom; contact us today to discover how uniRASE can transform your workspaces into dynamic, interactive, and visually appealing environments.