Quality You Can Trust, Results You Can Depend On

UNICHEM is dedicated to servicing the needs of our customers, realizing that each customer and their operations are unique in their own way. We conduct thorough audits of your application process to ensure that we fully understand the nuances of your operations and what is important to you.

Our team of experienced scientists and engineers design your products to fulfill if not exceed your expectations, with performance criteria that complements your manufacturing capability. We deliver consistent quality and performance for the most demanding operations.

ISO9001:2015 Certification Combined with Proprietary Procedures

UNICHEM’s 25 years of being continuously ISO 9001 certified including the current ISO9001:2015 standard, accentuates our commitment to providing total customer satisfaction through continuous product and process improvement. With or without ISO certification, we have always followed strict, proprietary quality assurance testing procedures ever since our inception in 1967.
Our analytical laboratories ensure that our raw materials are consistent and of the highest quality. These laboratories also serve to assure that all our product chemistries are consistent, delivering performance you can rely on. UNICHEM’s proprietary process controls monitor manufacturing operations to assure batch repeatability and production consistency. You can have confidence in our more than 50 years of exceeding customer expectations and consistently delivering quality products with unrivaled speed to market solutions.

Quality Assurance Testing

We conduct Failure Mode Effects and Analysis (FMEA), 8D, and other quality philosophies to manage our quality processes, always driving to pinpoint root cause and effects that help identify new opportunities for improvement. Our dedicated team provides field support to customers requesting assistance in monitoring their operations. UNICHEM works with you to ensure that you are producing the highest quality of product possible.

We maintain a full service laboratory with the capabilities to assess both short and long term product performance including a full array of onsite accelerated weathering tests including, humidity, UVA and UVB, Salt Fog, Acidified Salt Fog, UVCON, QFOG, and Weatherometer along with a variety of combinations required by established performance criteria.

UNICHEM’s multiple production facilities operate with the same high quality standards and quality assurance testing. We provide technical assistance at your doorstep to ensure consistent quality and performance. Contact us to learn how UNICHEM’s heritage of excellence has made us the trusted partner of countless industry leaders.