UNICHEM’s VINYLOID® family of PVC based industrial coatings is used in a wide variety of markets, including residential, commercial and industrial construction, building, siding products and more, providing durability, chemical resistance and many additional features.

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  • VINYLOID® PVC Based Industrial Coating

    UNICHEM’s VINYLOID® family of PVC based industrial coatings is used in a wide variety of markets, including residential, commercial and industrial siding, roofing, interior and exterior ductwork, building panels, window bucks and any other application where a chemical resistant, exterior durability, insulative value and many other features that can be built into this coatings system as needed.

VINYLOID® PVC Based Industrial Coating

UNICHEM’s PVC VINYLOID® industrial coatings provide solutions to many industries and markets, typically applied in a coil coating process although we offer coatings that may also be sheet coated or spray applied. PVC VINYLOID® industrial coatings are found in numerous products such as:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Roofing
  • Building panels
  • Window bucks
  • Ductwork, interior and exterior
  • Cable or wire manufacturing

Our PVC VINYLOID® coating improves these products and others with many beneficial features.

VINYLOID® PVC Properties and Benefits

UNICHEM’s PVC VINYLOID® coating provides added durability, insulative value, chemical resistance and many other desirable features which are built into this family of PVC based industrial coatings. Our PVC coatings provide waterproof and water resistant capabilities along with protection against dirt, mildew, UV rays and chemicals. UNICHEM’s PVC VINYLOID® delivers insulative properties, adding benefit to building products like window bucks, for example. PVC coatings provide corrosion resistance and can also provide resistance to abrasion. One example of the durability this coating provides is for use on stadium seating, providing both resistance to weather, UV rays and abrasion in a tough PVC coating.

UNICHEM offers versatile and customized industrial coating solutions, allowing for a wide range of application uses including on porous or fabric materials. PVC VINYLOID® is a great consideration when looking to replace a current coating with a thicker coating or one with added chemical or corrosion resistance. PVC coatings might be an option to replace coatings that require a more insulative value or sound deadening features.

Custom PVC Industrial Coating Solutions

UNICHEM offers more than 50 years of excellence in providing superior coating and adhesive solutions to a wide range of industries. Redefine the possibilities with custom chemistries from UNICHEM, a leader delivering high-performance paints, coatings and adhesives. We combine our deep technical knowledge of polymer chemistry and resin science with optimized raw materials to provide sustainable solutions.

UNICHEM is recognized as a leading manufacturer of chemicals and coatings with a team of scientists and engineers dedicated to continual improvement through research and development. We provide innovative solutions which improve your product and process for overall cost-saving efficiencies. Contact us to speak with an engineer about your custom or PVC vinyl coating needs.