uniBOND L VINYL Adhesive

Vinyl laminate adhesives by Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, provide exceptional performance with added value to many coil coating, laminating vinyl to metal applications.

Available in single stage (uniBond-VINYL-100) and two stage (uniBond-VINYL-200) curing formulations.

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uniBOND L VINYL Laminate Adhesives

UNICHEM’s uniBOND L VINYL laminate adhesive delivers excellent adhesion even under extreme forming and when subjected to environmental elements such as humidity, heat and UV exposure. uniBOND L VINYL Adhesive delivers high functionality, reliable quality, batch after batch and less scrap resulting in cost reduction for your process and your customers. This shared value is a result of our deep technical knowledge and commitment to:

  • Innovative technology through exceptional research and development
  • Dedicated teams with market and technology specializations
  • Rapid iteration with unrivaled speed-to-market solutions

Since 1967, our scientists and engineers have delivered custom, specialty coatings and adhesives for lamination bonding solutions that meet your needs and address your biggest challenges. Our multi-plant operation includes state-of-the-art research laboratories and analytical facilities fully equipped to simulate real world challenges.
If you are facing application challenges that keep you from optimizing your laminating adhesive process, learn how the UNICHEM difference can provide you with an innovative and cost effective, engineered solution. We can take your product offering to the next level while saving costs.

Vinyl Laminate Adhesives Applications

UNICHEM’s uniBOND L VINYL adhesive offers innovative solutions for coil coating, laminating adhesive applications, providing excellent adhesion to a wide variety of metal substrates and plastics. Our uniBOND L VINYL laminate adhesive improves coil coating application performance by offering wider cure latitudes that deliver most consistent bonding across the “strip”. Bonding temperatures can be modified to accommodate laminates that need lower temperature bonding.

UNICHEM’s proprietary vinyl adhesive provides excellent cure response and is suitable for secondary operations such as forming and trimming. UNICHEM’s uniBOND L VINYL laminate adhesive is one in a family of adhesive product lines offered by UNICHEM to a wide variety of industrial markets. This product provides high-performance adhesion of vinyl laminates to metal substrates such as:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Various plastics

uniBOND L VINYL laminate adhesive improves many coil coating, laminating adhesive applications with stable quality and repeatability for cost reduction. UNICHEM’s uniBOND L VINYL is a high-performance, laminate adhesive available for single or two-stage curing processes and is used in many direct to metal and panel lamination industries such as:

  • Building products – entry doors, garage doors, composites that utilize decorative vinyl films
  • RV industry – various RV laminate composites which require long-term performance with cost-effective, consistent quality production
  • Roofing industry – Offering regulatory compliance along with wind lift and other application requirements of the industry

UNICHEM provides custom coil coating, laminate adhesive solutions to these industries and many others with an intellectual aptitude of your expectations and challenges. Our dedicated and highly technical team meets your specific laminating requirements with flexibility to meet modern challenges.

Custom Laminating Adhesives Solutions

Experience the UNICHEM difference with high-performance, laminating adhesives designed and manufactured with an interdisciplinary, problem solving approach. We combine high-quality, optimized raw materials with a deep technical knowledge of resin science and adhesive technology to provide sustainable solutions.

UNICHEM’s proprietary quality assurance protocol in addition to our ISO9001:2015 certification all contributes to providing you, high-quality, lamination composites with rapid turnaround time. We are committed to continuous improvement through innovative research and development, exceptional customer service and consistent manufacturing and delivery within your supply chain and are ready to be your trusted, laminating adhesives partner.

Our experienced team provides troubleshooting solutions to many vinyl laminate adhesive applications, based on a robust foundation of adhesion technology, polymer chemistry, science and research. You can have confidence in our team of scientists and engineers and our dedication to passionately pursuing new frontiers in coatings and adhesives technology for more than 50 years.

UNICHEM redefines the possibilities in your market, with added value to differentiate you from the competition. Our team of scientists and engineers specialize in delivering high quality, dependable and durable products with flexible and sustainable service. Contact us to learn more about our proven solutions for vinyl laminate adhesives.

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