Steel Drum Coatings and Linings with Chemical Resistance

drum and pail liningsMany commercial and industrial products are packaged in steel drums and pails for storage or shipping from all parts of the world. The steel container industry produces these drums and pails, many of which require chemically resistant linings. Epoxy and Phenolic linings can provide the right formulation with excellent performance and chemical resistance.

Epoxy phenolic linings are generally designed to deliver strong chemical resistance in the pH range between 7 to 9. Typical alkaline products are things like detergents, foods, fatty acids, water-based resins and general organic chemicals to name a few.

Phenolic linings have a higher degree of solvent and acid resistance and are generally designed for products within a pH range of 3 to 7. These linings work well for shipping things like corrosive chemicals, insecticides, solvents, agricultural chemicals, acid compounds, petroleum products and more.

Low VOC Epoxy Phenolic Steel Drum and Pail Coatings

UNICHEM is an industry  leading chemical coatings manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience in delivering innovative steel drum and pail coatings. Our pioneering RESCO® technology delivers high-performance epoxy and phenolic based interior drum linings as well as exterior coatings. UNICHEM was the first chemical coatings manufacturer to offer 25%+ energy savings to the container manufacturers with a true low-cured lining that still delivered uncompromising performance.

Our groundbreaking RESCO® “Universal” lining delivers exceptional chemical resistance that covers the full range of the pH now allowing the manufacturer to only need one interior lining for all of their needs. We also deliver both solvent and waterborne rust inhibitors. We offer a wide selection of drum coatings and pail linings with high heat or low-heat curing options.

AQUA-LON® water-based drum coatings provide flexibility with versatile application capabilities and EPA compliance. AQUA-LON® drum coatings by UNICHEM offer a flexible cure range that can be customized for coil coating or sheet coating applications.

UNICHEM is a leading chemicals and coatings manufacturer, offering high-performance industrial adhesives, lamination bonding adhesives, strippable coatings, drum and pail coatings and more. Our uniSEAL gasket and sealing compound provides reliable sealing solutions with low VOCs. Contact us to speak with an engineer about improving your drum and pail chemical coatings applications.