Custom Solutions Solve Laminating to Metal Complications

laminating to metalThere are many industrial applications in which laminated metal sheets or flat rolls are required to fabricate parts or products. Some of the most common of these types of applications are found in the appliance industry, such as manufacturing refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, ranges ovens and hoods, and washing machines. Laminating metal products is also utilized in the construction products industry such as manufacturing insulated wall panels, roofing products and garage doors. The manufactured and mobile homes industry also apply laminates to metal substrates on products like door panels and walls.

OEMs have various options for applying laminates to either coiled rolls or metal sheets. They can tackle this process in-house with personnel either manually applying laminating adhesives or they may consider outsourcing to a coil coating company to supply flat rolled metals with pre-applied B stage adhesive.


Benefits of Coil Coating the Laminating Adhesive Application 

Many OEMs are finding that outsourcing to coil coating companies saves them time and money, while improving product quality and reducing scrap.  Coil coating processors provide a more consistent process, with both film thickness and curing temperature conditions.  Consistency in these areas is required to maintain a quality process and produces a stronger, more durable bond.

Manufacturers find that they realize many cost-saving benefits when outsourcing lamination applications to coil coaters as they do not have to invest in capital equipment including curing ovens and labor.


Custom, Quality Adhesives Promote a Longer Lasting Quality Bond

Even with a more precisely controlled process by experienced coil coating companies, the quality of the adhesive used ultimately plays the biggest role in affecting the quality of the bond.  Many adhesive manufacturers offer a variety of off-the-shelf products without the ability to customize formulations. If you are experiencing inconsistencies in your laminating to metal application or worse yet, creating scrap due to poor adhesion or delamination, speak with a custom adhesive formulator.

It is important to speak with a custom adhesive manufacturer with the capability to analyze and customize the best laminating solution.  Universal Chemicals & Coatings, UNICHEM, is an industry leader specializing in coil processing and creating custom adhesives, paints and coatings.  UNICHEM offers the capabilities to custom formulate adhesives designed to cure within specific temperature ranges and can even formulate adhesives that cure within a broader temperature range of what you are currently using.

UNICHEM excels with thinking outside the box and analyzing your process to create custom chemistries which improve your product and process quality. We work with both the manufacturer and coil processors to deliver maximum performance with reliable laminating adhesive solutions. Contact us if you are experiencing any complications in your laminating to metal application for expert analysis and custom laminating solutions.