uniCLER Anti-Microbial Technology

uniCLER antimicrobial coating technology by Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, brings surface sanitation to a new level.

Antimicrobial Coatings

Antimicrobial coating and paint additives contain an antimicrobial agent that creates a surface coating resistant to fungal and bacterial growth. Microbes can increase at a rapid rate once landing on a non-treated surface, which can lead to the spread of harmful pathogens and may also cause premature product degradation including odor and staining. Once microbes infiltrate a painted surface, it can be challenging to control continued growth even with constant cleaning.

Applying an antimicrobial chemical agent to surface coatings can prevent the growth of disease-causing pathogens while providing additional benefits to the product surface. Preventing microorganism growth improves the appearance, durability and corrosion resistance of surfaces. UNICHEM offers uniCLER antimicrobial coating technology which can be incorporated into a variety of our coatings and is proven to provide long-term antimicrobial performance for the service life of the coating.

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  • AQUALON 902 – Acrylic Coating with Low Heat Curing

    Unichem’s Aqualon 902 technology is a low VOC/low HAPS, regulatory compliant waterborne acrylic based exterior paint for the industrial container industry. Offered in a full array of colors to meet the customer’s needs with custom color matching always an option. Formulations are available for either spray or roll coat application.

  • Flexlain® Polyester Coating Technologies

    The UNICHEM scientific team prides itself in having the ability to maximize performance using this technology, keeping your economics in line while achieving higher levels of the performance you need. If your products have been served well using polyester technology, but you are looking for a better, more consistent, or higher-performing solution, UNICHEM’s Flexlain Technology might be just what you are looking for.

    When performance demands excel, and requirements are more extreme, polyester coatings may not provide adequate long-term performance, which is where other coatings systems may be better suited. If that is the case, we invite you to take a closer look at our other coatings systems throughout our website or, better yet, to see if UNICHEM’s Flexlain Technology is the right solution for you, please contact us.


  • uniRASE 300 Dry Erase Finish

    Unichem’s uniRASE 300 technology is our 4th Generation workhorse, coil coated applied, premium dry erase finish. This technology offers dry eraseability rivaling porcelain but at a cost much closer to conventional dry erase coatings. It offered in a variety of options including, clear or pigmented in various colors, high or low gloss for projection applications and can also be supplied with Unichem uniCLEAR Antimicrobial technology as well.

  • uniRASE 500 Sublimated Dry Erase Finish

    Unichem uniRASE 500 offers all the benefits of our uniRASE 300 technology but has the added benefit of being able to be sublimated, a process that can embed permanent, photo quality image printing, while still maintaining all the dry erase properties rivaling porcelain but at a cost much closer to conventional dry erase coatings. It is offered in a variety of options including, clear or pigmented in various colors, high or low gloss for projection applications and can also be supplied with Unichem uniCLEAR Antimicrobial technology as well.

  • VINYLOID® PVC Based Industrial Coating

    UNICHEM’s VINYLOID® family of PVC based industrial coatings is used in a wide variety of markets, including residential, commercial and industrial siding, roofing, interior and exterior ductwork, building panels, window bucks and any other application where a chemical resistant, exterior durability, insulative value and many other features that can be built into this coatings system as needed.

Antimicrobial Coatings Improve Health in Many Environments

Harmful pathogens are spread on surfaces and in the air in many environments such as commercial and public areas including hospitals, schools and places of business. Even in areas where continual sanitation is a top priority such as in healthcare facilities, constant cleaning to eradicate harmful microorganisms is not practical or effective. The best weapon against harmful pathogen growth is preventing the spread of infection in the first place with antimicrobial coating technology.

UNICHEM’s uniCLER technology can be added to many paints and coatings in a multitude of environments to provide built-in protection against the spread of harmful germs. Our antimicrobial technology can improve health and prevent infection when used in many applications such as:

HVAC ductwork – eliminate growth and accumulation of bacteria and other microbes from being transmitted through air exchange

Healthcare – treat commonly touched surfaces such as walls, handrails, light switches and hospital beds

Commercial – protect employees and the public with antimicrobial coatings on surfaces such as escalator handrails, elevator buttons, kiosk screens, etc…

Antimicrobial coating technology improves these and many additional applications such as consumer goods and building products with protection against bacteria, mold and mildew. UNICHEM’s antimicrobial technology is certified as an effective antimicrobial against a broad range of bacteria by independent laboratories.

UNICHEM Antimicrobial Surface Solutions

UNICHEM offers a portfolio of antimicrobial technologies that may be incorporated into various paints and coatings. Our antimicrobial chemistries are developed with careful consideration to many factors such as:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Desired efficacy
  • Material properties
  • Service conditions

Our experienced team of resin scientists carefully consider all factors when developing the most effective antimicrobial coating solution. We examine the material properties such as the coating chemistry and the thickness of the coating to develop the right protective solution. We also consider the service conditions such as cleaning solvents in use, abrasiveness and light exposure.

UNICHEM is a market leader in specialty paints, coatings and adhesives, providing high-performance, lasting solutions since 1967. We offer a wide range of products including coil applied coatings and laminating adhesives, paints and custom coating solutions. Contact us to learn more about enhancing and protecting your surfaces with antimicrobial coatings.