uniSEAL Gasket & Sealing Compounds

UNICHEM offers FDA compliant gasket and seam sealing compounds for use in the industrial container market. Our uniSEAL™ product line provides proper sealing of industrial drum and pail containers with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). uniSEAL provides gasket and seam sealing solutions for a tight, reliable seal on industrial containers from 5 gallon pails to 55 gallon drums.


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  • uniSEAL G Gasket Sealer

    UNICHEM’s uniSEAL G are all FDA compliant liquid, low VOC, heat cured, gasket compounds, primarily used in the industrial container markets for providing proper sealing of container fitting safety caps, flow in gaskets for open head five gallon pails and steel fiber drum covers that use a flow in gaskets to provide sealing of liquid or dry contents.

  • uniSEAL SS Seam Sealer

    UNICEHM’s uniSEAL SS are all FDA compliant, low VOC compounds that come in both air dried and heat cured formulations, primarily used in the steel industrial container markets to provide liquid tight seal of five gallon pails and 55 gallon drums

Our uniSEAL product line combined with the RESCO® interior phenolic and epoxy linings and our AQUA-LON® 902 chemical resistant drum coatings (Exterior coatings) provides a one stop shop for industrial container manufacturers for all their coatings related needs with premium performance and unrivaled chemical resistance delivering a superior industrial steel container to the end user.