uniGUARD Protective Films & Strippable Coatings

uniGUARD temporary strippable protective film coatings by Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, provides versatile, temporary film laminating solutions with coil coating, silk screen or lower volume, manual applications.

Temporary Removable Protective Film in Two Chemistries

Our uniGUARD temporary removable film coating is available in two chemistries with the uniGUARD 600 offering a solvent based temporary laminate film and the uniGUARD 902 in a water based chemistry. We utilize only the highest in quality raw materials, combined with a robust foundation of science, research and manufacturing capabilities.

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  • uniGUARD 600 – Solvent Based Strippable Protective Coating

    uniGUARD 600 – solvent based chemistry that provides a cost-effective alternative to temporary laminate films.  Our uniGUARD 600 can be applied on a coil coating line but can also be applied via silk screen or other manual lower volume type applications.

    Unlike conventional laminates, uniGUARD 600 is applied in the same manner as the base coat, allowing higher speed of application, elimination of waste and particulate contamination between the strippable layer and base coat.  With adjustable release strength and offered in a variety of colors, UNICHEM’s uniGUARD 600 gives the control back to the end users, while also saving them money.

  • uniGUARD 902 – Water Based Strippable Protective Coating

    uniGUARD 902 – waterborne uniGUARD 902 technology offers a lower VOC, cost-effective alternative to temporary laminate films.  uniGUARD 902 water based protective coating offers the same advantages as the 600 solvent based chemistry with high-speed application applied in the same manner as the base coat. This helps to reduce waste and prevent contamination between the base coat and strippable layer.

uniGUARD Temporary Strippable Protective Film Applications

UNICHEM gives manufacturers a cost-effective method of applying a strippable protective layer to protect products over a wide range of metal surfaces and organic coatings. uniGUARD removable film is easily applied and can be removed or sacrificed during production or consumption to protect against processing and shipping damage.

Protective films provide needed protection against damage and scratches, preserving the finish of everything from automobiles to appliances, brass fixtures to silver-plated housewares. One of the challenges in this industry is the need to carry a wide array of inventories based upon film widths and adhesive types which can be very costly to manufacturers. uniGUARD provides high-quality, cost-effective solutions to products and processes in many general application markets such as:

  • Appliances
  • HVAC
  • Trailers
  • Building panels
  • Automotive trim
  • Decorative hardware
  • Any other application requiring a temporary removable film

uniGUARD by UNICHEM provides the versatility to provide high performance with cost-reductions to coil applied applications as well as other application methods.  UNICHEM partners with you to provide solutions to your challenges with ingenuity and elegance. Our team of scientists and engineers offer custom chemistries to meet your specifications with deep technical knowledge and market expertise.

UNICHEM is dedicated to exceptional research and development, providing innovative coatings, paints and adhesives that exceed your expectations.  We follow a strict proprietary quality policy as well as our ISO9001:2015 quality certification.  Contact us with any questions and to learn more about our high-performance strippable coating, providing a higher-performing solution than temporary strippable protective films.