Outsourcing Lamination Bonding to Coil Coaters

Many manufacturing processes require the application of a decorative laminate finish to products, providing the look of wood grains, brushed copper or stainless steel as well as giving products various gloss levels, imprints or colors.  Applying laminate films also provides a functional purpose such as chemical or scratch resistance, commonly seen in the appliance industry, construction products, manufactured and mobile homes.

Challenges with Lamination Application to Metal

Manufacturers that apply decorative finishes, coatings, or laminate films to metal parts must make a significant investment to perform quality processes in-house.  Applying specialty coatings requires an investment in capital equipment, ongoing maintenance, plant floor space and personnel. Not only must OEMs make a significant investment in this part of their manufacturing process, they must perfect the lamination application with precise control to avoid wrinkling, high scrap rates and even delamination after product shipment.  This can lead to unacceptable returned goods and could harm a company’s good reputation.


B-Stage Industrial Adhesives 

In addition to single stage adhesives, B-stage adhesives are designed to reactivate and cure within a specific temperature range to activate lamination bonding. Coil coaters applying B-stage adhesives to metal products eliminate several steps for the manufacturer and provide a higher quality, longer-lasting laminate bond. Outsourcing lamination bonding eliminates the need for manufacturers to invest in capital equipment, in-house labor, curing ovens and worrying about environmental emission control regulations.


The Many Benefits of Coil Coating Lamination Bonding            

Many manufacturers may not be aware of the opportunities and benefits of outsourcing their lamination operation to coil coaters.  An experienced coil coating company can provide several high-quality alternatives such as a fully laminated product which eliminates in-house processing altogether or sheets of aluminum, steel or other metals with a pre-applied adhesive. Benefits of outsourcing lamination bonding include:

  • Speed of production, elimination of bottlenecks in your process
  • Reducing operational costs such as equipment and labor
  • Reducing scrap rate and returns with a permanent, quality bond
  • Improving product quality and customer satisfaction

Outsourcing your lamination bonding to a coil coater can provide these benefits and many more as they specialize in this process and typically must guarantee to keep scrap rates under a certain level.  Oftentimes they will consult with an experienced adhesive formulator like Universal Chemicals & Coatings, UNICHEM, to develop custom formulations and guidance in perfecting the lamination process.

UNICHEM designs and manufactures high-performance paints, coatings, & adhesives.  We do this by synergistically utilizing our technical expertise, optimized raw materials, and dynamic manufacturing capability. Contact us to learn how to improve your lamination bonding application with high-performance coil coated adhesives.