Steel Drum Coatings & Linings: Universal Solution for Wide pH

Drums and pails made of steel are used to package a wide variety of industrial and commercial goods, which are then stored in or transported from all over the world. These drums and pails are produced by the steel drum and pail industry, and a significant number of these containers require linings that are chemically resistant. Linings made of epoxy and phenolic can be used to create the proper formulation, which has great performance and is resistant to chemicals.

Steel Drum Linings for Various pH Requirements

In general, epoxy phenolic linings are designed to give good chemical resistance to products in the pH range of 7 to 9, and this is the range in which they are most commonly used. Consumable food products, detergents, water-based resins, fatty acids, and general organic chemicals are just a few examples of the kind of items that are typically classified as alkaline.

Phenolic linings offer a better level of resistance to acids and solvents, and they are often developed for use with substances that have a pH that falls somewhere between 3 and 7. These linings perform admirably when it comes to transporting solvents, caustic chemicals, agricultural chemicals, pesticides, petroleum products, acid compounds, and a variety of other substances.

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Low Volatile Organic Compound Epoxy Phenolic Coatings for Steel Drums and Pails

UNICHEM is recognized as an industry-leading chemical coatings supplier with over 50 years of experience in the delivery of unique coatings for steel drums and pails. UNICHEM’s coatings are used in a wide variety of industries. The revolutionary RESCO® drum lining that we have developed is available in high-performance phenolic-based and epoxy interior drum linings. We also offer superior exterior coatings such as AQUALON® for EPA-compliant versatility and customization.

UNICHEM was the first company in the chemical coatings industry to offer energy savings of more than 25 percent to container manufacturers through the use of a genuine low-cured liner that maintained uncompromised performance.

Our ground-breaking RESCO® Universal lining provides superior chemical resistance that spans the whole pH range, which enables manufacturers to use a single interior lining for all of their products rather than having to source multiple linings for different applications. We also provide rust inhibitors that are waterborne and those that are solvent-based. We have a comprehensive range of drum coatings and pail linings, each of which may be cured using either high-heat or low-heat curing.

Drum coatings that are water-based and utilize AQUALON offer versatility, as well as a wide range of application possibilities, all with EPA compliance. Drum coatings manufactured by UNICHEM using the AQUALON brand have a flexible curing range that enables them to be tailored for use in coil coating or sheet coating applications. Learn more about coil coating both the coating and lining simultaneously for even greater efficiencies, and contact us with any questions.

UNICHEM is an industry leader in the production of chemicals and coatings, and our many products include strippable coatings, high-performance lamination bonding adhesives, industrial adhesives, drum and pail coatings and linings, and more. Our uniSEAL gasket and sealing compound provides dependable sealing solutions with low levels of volatile organic compounds. Contact us to discuss the enhancement of your drum and pail coating and lining applications with an experienced custom coating engineer.