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Laminating adhesives are an essential component in highly functional laminate composites which demand high performance suitable to fill material properties. They should provide strong, reliable bonding with protection against environmental factors and resistance to temperature fluctuations and extremes. Varying formulations of laminating adhesives are designed to bond particular surfaces.

Some laminating adhesives are designed to adhere to metal, glass, paper-based products or masonry while others may be designed for porous surfaces like wood or textiles. Lamination bonding is also used to bond two dissimilar components such as rubber to metal. Lamination bonding applications may require adhesives that can be bonded after the adhesive is applied and cooled as a “B” stage process.

Lamination bonding requires the use of laminating adhesives in many industries such as automotive, aerospace, military, marine, tooling and many other applications. They are also used in electrical and high-voltage applications. Whatever industry your bonding application serves, consulting with a custom chemical coatings and adhesives supplier will help you maximize results and cost-effective production.

uniBOND Industrial Adhesives for Lamination Bonding Solutions

UNICHEM is a leading chemical coatings and adhesives supplier, offering a broad product range of industrial adhesives used in lamination bonding applications. Our uniBOND adhesives include:

uniBOND L VINYL adhesive which provides solutions to coil coating applications laminating vinyl to metal. uniBOND L is available in single and two stage bonding formulations.

uniBOND Polyethylene and Polypropylene adhesives bond PE or PP films and insulative cores to various substrates such as steel, aluminum and tinplate. Applications include composite panel production such as in building products, transportation, consumer goods and many other industries. Both uniBOND-PE and -PP are available in single or two stage bonding formulations.

uniBOND Rubber adhesives deliver exceptional laminating bonding of various metal to metal substrates including aluminum and steel as composite panels while also offering thermal insulation and/or sound deadening features.

UNICHEM offers these industrial adhesives and others along with custom formulation capabilities.  We deliver an integrated approach based on a strong foundation of resin science, polymer and adhesive technology.

UNICHEM is a leading supplier of high-performance industrial adhesives used in coil coating lamination bonding applications.  We offer custom formulations to meet your specifications and perform rigorous testing and simulation to ensure quality performance.  Contact us to learn more about our uniBOND industrial adhesives and custom laminating adhesive solutions.