AQUALON Exterior Coatings

UNICHEM’s water-based drum coatings have versatile application and customization capabilities while being EPA compliant. AQUA-LON® 902 provides excellent performance that is better for the environment. AQUA-LON® 902 features include:

  • Ultra low hazardous air pollutants (HAPS)
  • Cure range that can be adjusted for sheet coating or coil coating
  • Compatible with a wide range of chemical pretreatment

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  • AQUALON 902 – Acrylic Drum Coating with Low Heat Curing

    Unichem’s Aqualon 902 technology is a low VOC/low HAPS, regulatory compliant waterborne acrylic based exterior paint for the industrial container industry. Offered in a full array of colors to meet the customer’s needs with custom color matching always an option. Formulations are available for either spray or roll coat application.