One Interior Drum Lining for All Your Packaging and Shipping Needs

interior drum lining product


Various industrial and commercial products are packaged in steel drums for shipping and storage to meet the needs of many industries worldwide.  Manufacturing and logistics companies worldwide require interior drum and pail linings and exterior coatings to protect and preserve their goods.  UNICHEM offers RESCO®, an interior drum lining product line that meets a full range of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping needs.

Drum and Pail Linings and Coatings for Any Industry

Companies may require drum and pail linings and coatings with different properties for different products.  For example, companies shipping fertilizer and pesticides must ensure their products are stored and sealed tightly in containers that will preserve their products without posing a safety hazard.  Producers of food and beverage items are concerned about food safety and preservation.  All products require reliable packaging with gasket and sealing compounds that provide a tight, unbreakable seal during transportation.

Many industries utilize steel drums and pails to package or transport their items, some examples include:

  • Agricultural chemicals – fertilizer, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides
  • Food and beverage – fruits, dairy, purée, pickles, condiments, eggs, wine, etc…
  • Seafood and fisheries – fish, seafood, caviar
  • Automotive – fuels, cleaners, lubricants, hydraulic fluids
  • Construction – adhesives, solvents, ceilings, cement, grout, primers
  • Paints, coatings, inks and dies – industrial, automotive, railcar, architectural
  • Consumer goods – cleaning products, detergents, kitty litter
  • Industrial chemicals – fire retardants, cleaners, pool chemicals, hazardous, flammable and explosive chemicals
  • Healthcare – medical lab waste, sharps, anatomical, infectious
  • Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics – liquids, powders, raw materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients

UNICHEM’s RESCO® drum lining provides drum and pail lining and coating solutions to these industries, products and many others. 

RESCO® Drum Lining: a Universal Lining Solution 

RESCO® interior drum lining is available in various chemistries including waterborne and solvent-borne properties, with chemical resistance and rust inhibitors. RESCO® offers the right formulation with exceptional performance and superior chemical resistance that outperforms other drum linings.

RESCO®’s “Universal” drum lining provides manufacturers with one Interior lining to meet all their needs, with excellent chemical resistance covering a full range of pH. Our pail linings and drum coatings offers solutions to a wide range of industries and products with low temperature or high heat curing options.

Our water-based drum coatings, AQUA-LON®, offer a flexible cure range for application versatility with EPA compliance.

UNICHEM is an industry leading global supplier of chemical coatings, industrial adhesives, and more with more 50+ years of experience in pioneering first to market, innovative drum and pail solutions. Our RESCO® interior drum lining offers energy savings to manufacturers with a low cured lining that provides unparalleled performance. Contact us to learn more about drum and pail linings and exterior coatings that provide high-performance coupled with cost-saving efficiencies.