Benefits of Vinyl Clad Metal: Excellent Adhesion is Key

Vinyl Clad Metal

Vinyl clad metal products have been used in the appliance industry for decades, and offer many benefits over powder coated and pre-painted metal applications.  Vinyl laminated metal products were originally used in the 1960s for television side panels, then could also be found on the early microwave ovens which typically included the wood grain side design.

Many other appliances and products began to utilize vinyl clad metal products such as jukeboxes, cable boxes and vending machines.  You can find vinyl laminated products in these applications and many other such as the RV industry, building and roofing products.

Benefits of Vinyl Laminated over Pre-painted Metal Products

 Vinyl clad metal products are produced by laminating rolls of vinyl film to full sheet products of various patterns, textures and designs, which can be post-formed as required by the manufacturer. Vinyl laminating metal processes in coil form provide benefits to high-volume manufacturing with efficiency and quality. Vinyl can be laminated to aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized steel, plastics or stainless steel when corrosion resistance is required.

Appliances which utilize pre-painted materials for exterior finish are limited in options. Vinyl laminating allows for a myriad of choices in color, texture, wood grains, natural stone look, geometric patterns and more. Additionally, laminating vinyl to metal provides superior scuff and scratch resistance over many pre-painted products and is often thicker than a powder or painted finish.  Vinyl laminated products can also be designed to provide more sound dampening qualities and can be less prone to condensation.

Quality Laminating Adhesives are Key

 Vinyl laminated products must meet the demands of post-forming fabrication such as stamping, punching, waterjet or laser cutting, roll forming, lock forming, perforating and other fabrication methods.  The key to quality products with efficient processes is to utilize a quality laminating adhesive. Appliance manufacturers that offer vinyl laminated products to the customers offer a broader selection of exterior finishes in a more durable product, which builds brand loyalty.

UNICHEM Offers Superior Vinyl Laminating Adhesives

 uniBOND L VINYL by UNICHEM offers innovative solutions for laminating adhesive applications, with a wider cure latitude and consistent bonding with temperatures that can be modified to meet specific laminate requirements.  UNICHEM offers laminate adhesive solutions with high-performance chemical coatings and adhesives, derived from over five decades of research and innovation.

UNICHEM has been providing industrial coatings and adhesive solutions since 1967, with an in-depth knowledge of adhesive technology and polymer chemistry.  We offer consumer and market insight for product and process improvement with high-quality and efficiency.  Contact us to learn more about our laminating adhesives for vinyl clad metal product solutions.