uniBOND Rubber Adhesive

uniBOND Rubber Adhesives – These adhesives provide excellent laminating bonding for a variety of rubber type compounds to metal substrates such as steel and aluminum. There are many end applications in the general industrial markets such as noise dampening, vibration reducing as well as thermal or electrical insulation panel applications.

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uniBOND™ Rubber Adhesive by Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., Unichem, provides strong, reliable adhesion required in coil coating lamination bonding for rubber to metal substrates.

Lamination Bonding for Rubber to Metal Adhesive

uniBOND™ Rubber Adhesive is a single-stage industrial adhesive, designed for coil-coating applications where rubber based compounds are applied to a variety of metal substrates such as steel and aluminum.  With single-stage curing, there is no need for secondary heat bonding. uniBOND™ Rubber Adhesive by UNICHEM provides excellent laminating bonding required in many end applications in general industrial markets.

UNICHEM industrial adhesives deliver high functionality through stable and consistent laminating solutions.  Our commitment to innovative technology, research and development results in product and process improvements along with cost reductions for our customers.

uniBOND™ Rubber to Metal Adhesive Applications

A high-quality rubber adhesive enables permanent bonding of rubber compounds to a variety of metal substrates that enhances these metal composites with insulative and noise dampening features.  You can find uniBOND™ Rubber Adhesive in many coil coating, lamination bonding with rubber applications such as automotive insulation panels.

Bonding rubber to metal substrates using lamination adhesives reduces noise and isolates vibration in many applications including:

  • Automotive, truck and RV market including doors, panels, bumpers and steel supports
  • Thermal or electrical insulation panel applications
  • Furnace and AC hosing
  • Anywhere metal composites require noise dampening and insulative properties

A rubber laminated metal enhances metal products by increasing it’s thermal and electrical insulation properties as well as providing vibration and sound suppression. The quality of the lamination bonding depends upon the quality and type of adhesive used.  UNICHEM offers uniBOND™ Rubber Adhesive which delivers high-quality, high-performance, lasting bonding solutions which will meet your specific needs.

Custom Lamination Bonding Rubber Adhesives Solutions

Lamination bonding suppliers for coil-coating processes must deliver versatile, customizable solutions to meet the demands of OEMs today.  UNICHEM offers a dedicated team experienced in polymer chemistry and adhesive technology.  We use only the highest of quality raw materials and meet all environmental and regulatory requirements.

We follow strict proprietary quality policies and are ISO9001:2015 registered, dedicated to providing total customer satisfaction. For more than 50 years, UNICHEM has delivered cost-effective, innovative, engineering solutions. Our industrial adhesive products provide cost-effective solutions that take your products to the next level.

UNICHEM partners with you to develop real-world, practical adhesive solutions that create value for your products, processes and customers. Our industrial adhesives differentiate you from the competition and redefine the possibilities in your market. Contact us to learn more about our industrial adhesive products, custom chemistries and solutions for coil coating lamination bonding for rubber.

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