Industrial Adhesives For Bus Manufacturing

Adhesives For Bus ManufacturingAccording to a recent report by IBIS World from March of 2021, Truck & Bus Manufacturing Industry in the US, the market does about $27 billion annually.  The use of industrial adhesives in medium to heavy trucks and buses is slated for growth and provides many benefits.

Outlook for Industrial Adhesive Use in Trucks and Buses 

Heavy duty trucks and buses represent a small portion of overall land transportation vehicle production by unit output.  The medium to heavy duty truck and bus market, however, is significant for the use of industrial adhesives.  Parts on these trucks and buses are larger than on light vehicles, which also increases the use of adhesive consumption.  Over 1 million gallons of adhesives and sealants were used in the production of trucks and buses in 2015 alone.

Due to the increasing use of composites and plastics in heavy trucks and buses, the use of adhesives is expected to outpace market growth in the coming years.  Increasing regulations on fuel economy for Class 8 tractors, which includes vehicles over 33,001 pounds such as dump trucks and tractor trailers, is leading to more mixed material assemblies and use of composites.

The largest driving factors increasing the use of industrial adhesives in truck and bus manufacturing include:

  • Increased use of composites in manufacturing
  • Demand for more aerodynamic designs
  • Increase in safety regulations

Buses have large outer panels that could be bonded but are frequently secured with rivets, although this is beginning to change as bus manufacturers realize the many benefits of lamination bonding to metal with adhesives over piercing rivets to attach outer panels.

Benefits of Industrial Adhesives in Bus Manufacturing 

The use of industrial adhesives in bus manufacturing brings many benefits to manufacturers by giving customers a more fuel efficient, lighter vehicle.  Adhesive composites improve aerodynamics by allowing for designs that could not be achieved using traditional mechanical fasteners.  Adhesives provide the flexibility to add aerodynamic features without excessive weight such as fairings and skirts that reduce drag.

Adhesives allow for bonding dissimilar materials without compromising durability and strength or creating stress points.  Adhesives also improve crash performance as they are better at absorbing energy during an accident as opposed to metal fasteners. The use of adhesives provides better sealing over mechanical rivets, is more fatigue resistant and adds durability and strength.

As noted in a report by the Adhesive and Sealant Council, benefits of using adhesives in truck and bus manufacturing include:

  • Increase in fuel efficiency due to lighter weight
  • Ability to improve aerodynamics and aesthetics
  • Improved safety with better crash resistance

Industrial adhesives in truck and bus manufacturing are giving manufacturers a means to provide a better product, with many beneficial features. UNICHEM offers a full product line of uniBOND® industrial adhesives for use in bonding various materials and composites that provides many benefits to manufacturers.

uniBOND® Industrial Adhesives for Composites

uniBOND® industrial adhesive by UNICHEM is available in single stage or two stage curing formulations and is used in many automotive applications.  UNICHEM is a technology leader in providing high performance, high-quality adhesives for use in a wide range of industries and applications, with customized formulation capabilities. We formulate our adhesive products to be compliant to all regulations with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) to meet strict EPA regulations.

We put all adhesive products through rigorous testing standards at our state-of-the-art testing and laboratory facilities, assessing all products with established ASTM methodology.  We ensure that all products meet regulatory requirements and customer specifications.

UNICHEM offers adhesive solutions for a wide range of industries including automotive, truck and bus manufacturing.  We excel in providing adhesive products that improve your process and provide competitive advantages. Contact us to learn more about the adhesives in truck and bus manufacturing and how to improve your production process with uniBOND® industrial adhesive.