Custom Plastic Film Coatings Applications and Advantages

protective film solutionProtective film coatings provide a layer of protection to a wide range of products and can be customized to meet the needs of specific manufacturing applications. Custom plastic film coatings add value to many applications by preserving surfaces with scratch resistant, chemical resistant, and abrasion resistant properties. Temporary custom protective film coatings are convenient for consumers and end-users with a protective layer that is easily removed to reveal a quality product delivered in pristine condition.

Protective Film Solutions

Removable custom plastic film coatings protect a manufacturer’s profits and reputation by preventing blemishes, stains or scratches on solid surfaces and laminate products. Damage to products during handling, storage, shipping, or installation results in returns and a negative customer experience.  Universal Chemicals and Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, offers custom protective film solutions with uniGUARD protective films & strippable coatings. 

Custom Protective Film Applications

Custom plastic film coatings can be incorporated into the production of a wide range of products in many applications and industries. Protective films are utilized to prevent damage to many products such as electronics, appliances, telecom, automotive, medical devices and more. Some applications where protective films are common include:

  • Appliances – appliances arrive scratch free without blemishes for end-user customer satisfaction.
  • Electronics – removable protective films prevent scratches on electronic screens and components.
  • Computers and monitors – protective films prevent scratches to computers and monitors. 
  • Medical devices – temporary protective films protect medical device components, screens and buttons.
  • Windows – protective films over windows help prevent scratches during transport and installation.

Custom protective films applied during the manufacturing of these components is a cost-efficient way to protect your products against blemishes, scratches and can also provide UV protection. Incorporating the application of protective film coverings during the manufacturing process saves time over manual removable film application types and provides many additional advantages.

Advantages of Custom Plastic Film Coatings 

Custom plastic film coatings applied during the manufacturing process is cost-efficient, time-saving and provides a more consistent application method for a higher quality product.   uniGUARD protective film and strippable coatings, that are applied through a high speed coil coating process, can be customized to meet your application specifications and provide a consistent, high-quality, strippable, removable film.  Some advantages of UNICHEM’s uniGUARD protective film coatings include:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Easily removable
  • Consistent quality
  • No residue left behind
  • Customizable

Custom protective film coverings are versatile and can be incorporated into a diverse range of applications.   UNICHEM’s uniGUARD strippable protective films protect products during manufacturing, storage, shipping, and installation.

uniGUARD Custom Plastic Film Coatings 

uniGUARD custom plastic film coatings provide superior protection with easy removal and no residue left behind.  Our strippable protective films provide protection to a wide range of products and can be applied to various polymers and metals in custom designed thickness levels.  UNICHEM offers custom chemicals, coatings, paints, and adhesives designed to meet your specific needs.

We use only high-quality materials and offer various chemistries with solvent based and water solutions based on a robust foundation of science, research and development and testing in our state-of-the-art facilities.

uniGUARD 600, Solvent Based Strippable Protective Coating

uniGUARD 902, Water Based Strippable Protective Coating


UNICHEM is a leading custom chemicals and coatings manufacturer offering more than 50 years of experience. Our team consists of the leading, high-tech engineers in the industry with deep technical knowledge of polymer chemistry, adhesive and color technology.  Contact us to speak with an engineer about improving your application with the next generation of high quality, custom plastic film coatings and solutions.