Key Properties of Prepainted Metal

Properties of Prepainted Metal-post imagePrepainted metal is a result of state-of-the-art coatings applied with a coil coating application process that offers endless aesthetic options with a wide array of functional properties.  Coil coated, prepainted metal can be made to be UV resistant, weatherproof, antibacterial, corrosion resistant and even resistant to smog and pollution.

Coil coating allows for customizable features to be built into coatings to provide many key properties to prepainted metal including:

  • Textured surfaces – textured paint can be manufactured to resemble various materials such as stone, asphalt, barn siding, wood, and other textured surfaces. Textured surfaces are popular in many architectural designs with an increasing number of textured finishes available. Architects can meet customer demands with eye catching designs that provide visual depth to give buildings a unique appearance.
  • Color – prepainted metal allows for a consistent application of any color possibility to meet various consumer demands. Anything from building products to appliances and electronics can be designed in basically any color imaginable. High quality coatings applied via coil coating provide endless stylish options in any color and appearance even resembling a wood grain look, brushed or stainless steel or copper.
  • Fingerprint resistant – fingerprint resistant and smudge proof coatings provide solutions to many applications such as home appliances. Fingerprint resistant coatings are gaining in popularity for appliances as manufacturers can offer consumers a product that will not retain fingerprints on things like refrigerators.
  • Solar-reflective coatings – prepainted metal roofing with solar reflective coatings provide increased comfort and lower consumers’ energy costs. Solar reflective coatings reduce heat buildup on metal roofs, shipping containers, campers, and more.  The coatings are designed to reflect infrared radiation and can be formed to simulate various roofing materials such as cedar shakes, asphalt shingles, slate, or tile. Metal roofs provide many benefits such as durability, lightweight, fire-resistant, and attractive aesthetics.
  • Anti-static coatings – many manufacturing facilities must follow clean room procedures. Small particles like dust and lint can produce product and process failures.  Coil coating anti-static coatings help to reduce particle buildup on metal surfaces like HVAC equipment, manufacturing machinery, assembly lines and more. .
  • Antibacterial coatings – coating surfaces with antibacterial technology is in high demand by building owners in an effort to protect occupants from various environmental contaminants and health threats. Antimicrobial coatings can significantly reduce buildup of bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew and other harmful pathogens.
  • Prepainted metal panels – prepainted metal panels provide these many key properties and more to various industries and applications. Prepainted metal panels allow for unique designs in various textures, colors, and durable properties with an insulated core formed between two sheets of coated metal.  This provides insulating properties along with resistance to moisture, air, and thermal transfer conditions for use in industrial, commercial, architectural, cold storage and waterproofing applications.

UNICHEM Offers State-of-the-Art Coatings for Coil Coating Prepainted Metal 

UNICHEM is a technology leader in high quality coatings for coil coating metal for use in many industries. We utilize world-class technologies that create exceptional coatings, paints, and adhesives.  Our customers have confidence in our experienced technical team who passionately pursue new frontiers in coil coating technology, to meet the challenges of innovative manufacturing and architecture.

UNICHEM offers high-quality coatings for coil coating metal panels found in a wide range of industries and applications.  Our coatings provide a differentiating factor to give you the competitive edge needed in today’s ever changing manufacturing landscape.  Contact us to learn more about our coatings for prepainted metal and customized coating capabilities to meet your specifications