Adhesives and Sustainability: a Collaborative Approach

Structural AdhesiveAdhesives manufacturers continually work to enhance the sustainability of all products, although collaboration throughout the entire supply chain is also crucial.  The attention focused on climate change and environmentally friendly practices is just one reason that sustainability is at the forefront of many manufacturing processes. Consumer demand is another driving force as consumers are increasingly seeking out and demanding, through purchasing decisions, sustainably designed products. Due to this increasing consumer demand and manufacturers doing their part, operating with environmentally friendly practices, and developing adhesive products with a focus on sustainability has become a “must-have” requirement instead of a “nice-to-have” option.

Enhancing Adhesive Products for Sustainability 

When enhancing any product, the original functional role is always a vital point to consider. Every adhesive, paint, or coating was introduced, developed, or enhanced to meet a set of criteria and market demand. This is true for many types of industrial adhesives designed to provide effective solutions across a wide range of industries and applications including automotive, building and construction, appliances, aerospace, healthcare and more.

Adhesive products must meet a myriad of requirements in addition to simply providing reliable bonding. For example, construction projects near saltwater require extreme corrosion resistance, automotive and aerospace industries require continual improvement in lightweight materials without sacrificing bonding quality. Adhesives must provide durable strength and flexibility, while meeting all unique application requirements such as extreme weather, heat, cold, contamination, and more. In addition to meeting functional application requirements, industrial adhesives must meet all stringent industry standards and specifications.

Lighter Weight with Greater Strength

In light of continual improvement endeavors along with stringent industry standards, it is imperative that adhesive manufacturers partner with their customers to ensure reliable adhesive performance without sacrificing quality. For example, the automotive industry may require lightweight panels with the same or increased strength over heavier duty steel laminates. This means that adhesive suppliers must provide durable adhesives for use on lighter materials that provide the same or better strength over heavier steel substrates with long-lasting quality and reliability.

The same can be said for aviation and aerospace that demand durable laminated products that are strong enough to withstand harsh environments and vibration in light-weight materials. Lighter weight materials in automobiles and aircraft improve fuel efficiency, safety and quality can never be compromised. The healthcare industry also requires quality products for medical supplies and equipment that provide strength, flexibility, and durability.

One thing that almost every industry has in common today is the need for products to deliver reliable performance while meeting stringent industry specifications and standards. This is why it is essential that any enhancement in adhesives with sustainable manufacturing be introduced without compromising product functionality.

Adhesive suppliers are continually working and focusing on sustainability issues.

UNICHEM Offers Sustainable Industrial Adhesives Solutions 

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, is a leading custom coatings and adhesives supplier, with the technical expertise to develop high-performance adhesives enhanced with sustainable operations. uniBOND suite of industrial adhesives are customizable to meet the needs of many lamination bonding product lines and are formulated for regulatory compliance. We ensure that our products meet the needs of our customers that require ultralow Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to meet the most stringent regulations set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA,

Our drum and pail coatings include AQUALON, a low HAPs/ VOC waterborne, acrylic based exterior paint that meets the needs of industrial containers, drums, and pails and provides similar chemical resistance to solvent borne coatings.

UNICHEM is an industry leader working to minimize the impact of our operations with environmentally friendly, sustainable practices. All products are tested rigorously with established ASTM methodology and our commitment to quality as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification. Contact us to learn more about our sustainability practices in our process and product development including high-performance industrial adhesives.