AQUALON Coatings and RESCO Linings for Drums & Pails

Drum and Pail coatings by Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, provide premium performance interior linings and exterior coatings for superior drum and pail industrial packaging solutions.

Drum & Pail Coatings and Linings

UNICHEM is pioneering breakthrough technology in the mature, industrial steel drum and pail market through their offerings of innovative, high performance drum coatings and epoxy and phenolic based interior chemical linings. We are the chemical lining industry’s premier innovator with first-to-market solutions including:

  • First to introduce 25%+ energy savings from a true low-cured liner
  • Patent pending RESCO® Universal lining…one lining that replaces all the others with excellent performance and unsurpassed chemical resistance
  • First and only manufacturer of commercialized waterborne lining going back three decades. Meeting low VOC requirements without the hazards of extremely low flashpoints of under 0°F equal chemical compatibility with a more flexible cured film to reduce lining failures due to brittle film

Phenolic and Epoxy Drum & Pail Lining Products

UNICHEM offers high-performance, industrial packaging solutions with our RESCO® chemical resistant phenolic and epoxy lining products, servicing steel drum & pail manufacturers.

Our RESCO® drum coating solutions include:

  • Solvent-borne conventional Alkyd and Acrylic technologies
  • Waterborne Acrylic technologies
  • both Solvent-borne and waterborne Rust Inhibitors & Size Coats

RESCO® Phenolic and Epoxy Lining Products

UNICHEM’s RESCO® industrial interior container phenolic and epoxy linings provide superior chemical resistance for lining the interior of industrial steel shipping containers. RESCO® chemical resistant epoxy coatings (phenolic and epoxy coatings) provide unparalleled solutions where resistance to chemicals and corrosion can’t be compromised.

Our RESCO® drum & pail coating solutions include epoxy and epoxy phenolic and phenolic based chemistries in both solvent and waterborne solutions. Our solventborne product line is also offered in both a high and low temperature cured versions. The RESCO® product line includes the following products which provide premium performance with unsurpassed chemical resistance:

  • 500 – Epoxy solvent with high heat curing
  • 508 – Epoxy Phenolic solvent with high heat curing
  • 800 – Phenolic solvent with high heat curing
  • 500L – Epoxy solvent with low heat curing
  • 508L – Epoxy Phenolic solvent with low heat curing
  • 800L – Phenolic solvent with low heat curing
  • 905 – Epoxy water-borne
  • 908 – Phenolic water-borne
  • 958 – Epoxy Phenolic water-borne
  • Universal – proprietary chemistry

UNICHEM offers our RESCO® interior drum linings in these various chemistries, including the unique chemistry of our “Universal” lining solution.

Our solvent-borne interior chemical linings provide the following features:

  • Available in 350°F & 425°F cure temperatures
  • Able to be recoated without compromising performance
  • Low VOC, Low HAPS
  • Standard & BPA free linings
  • CONEG, FDA, Kosher, REACH compliant & many more
  • Superior chemical resistance, where others have failed
  • Spray and roll-coat versions
  • Recoatable

UNICHEM drum and pail linings also offer the unique feature of allowing recoating, which is not common from many other products.

Our water-borne interior chemical linings provide the following features:

  • Low VOC, Low HAPS
  • Able to be recoated without compromising performance
  • Less flammable with safer flashpoints, may qualify for insurance discount
  • Comparable chemical resistance to our solvent-borne product line
  • Commercialized over 25 years ago
  • Spray and roll-coat versions

Our rust inhibitors and size coats provide the following features:

  • Solvent and waterborne versions
  • Force-cured or air dry
  • Spray and roll-coat versions

AQUA-LON® 902 Exterior Drum & Pail Coating Solution

UNICHEM’s water-based drum coatings have versatile application and customization capabilities while being EPA compliant. AQUA-LON® 902 provides excellent performance that is better for the environment. AQUA-LON® 902 features include:

  • Ultra low hazardous air pollutants (HAPS)
  • Cure range that can be adjusted for sheet coating or coil coating
  • Compatible with a wide range of chemical pretreatment

uniSEAL™ Gasket and Seam Sealing Compound

UNICHEM offers FDA compliant gasket and seam sealing compounds for use in the industrial container market. Our uniSEAL™ product line provides proper sealing of industrial drum and pail containers with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). uniSEAL provides gasket and seam sealing solutions for a tight, reliable seal on industrial containers from 5 gallon pails to 55 gallon drums.

  • uniSEAL G Gasket Compound
  • uniSEAL SS Seam Sealing Compound

Our uniSEAL product line combined with the RESCO® interior phenolic and epoxy linings and our AQUA-LON® 902 drum coatings (Exterior coatings) provides a one stop shop for industrial container manufacturers for all their coatings related needs with premium performance and unrivaled chemical resistance delivering a superior industrial steel container to the end user.

UNICHEM: Drum and Pail Coatings Technology Leader

UNICHEM, a top tier technology leader in the industrial drum and pail markets, offering a dedicated team with deep technical knowledge of resin science and polymer chemistry and a commitment to quality and service you, our customer. We passionately pursue new frontiers in coatings with state-of-the-art research laboratories and production facilities. UNICHEM designs and manufactures premium performance coatings, paints and adhesives by synergistically utilizing optimized raw materials, technical expertise and dynamic manufacturing capability.

We have adopted a strict quality policy as supported by our ISO9001:2015 certification and proprietary quality procedures. All products undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure high performance with consistent quality. We develop the highest of quality products to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

UNICHEM provides turnkey solutions with innovative research and development, quality assurance you can rely on and manufacturing to meet your demands. We have been a technology leader in industrial coatings, paints and adhesives since 1967, offering operational expertise with unrivaled speed-to-market solutions. Contact us to learn more about all of our products serving the industrial container markets including our phenolic and epoxy linings along with our environmentally compliant, high performance, drum coatings.