Top 9 Reasons to Consider Prepainted Metal

prepainted metal-featured imageManufacturers that make the switch from an in-house, post-painted metal process to outsourced prepainted metal can realize many benefits, such as saving time, money, and hassles. Here are some of the most common reasons that should prompt a manufacturer to consider using prepainted metal:

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1.An improvement in coating quality is neededcoil coating provides a consistent, repeatable application which is required for consistently producing quality products. Precision, uniform application of coatings edge to edge with no chance of human error or variability significantly improves quality and enhances protection against corrosion.
2.Increasing expenses for in-house paint shop – if your in-house paint shop expenses are growing due to increased cost of supplies or the need to invest in greater environmentally friendly processes, it could be a good time to evaluate coil coating. Manufacturers can eliminate the need to purchase, store, and dispose of hazardous materials used in coating or equipment to meet EPA regulations.
3.Operating costs must be decreased – along the lines of reducing expenses, coil coating reduces internal operating costs, which can help companies remain competitive. Outsourcing metal coatings eliminates in-house paint operational expenses, which go far beyond purchasing supplies and paying for labor.
4.New product models are coming online – if design changes or new product models are required, outsourcing prepainted metal can be more cost-effective.
5.Production bottlenecks are hindering productivity – the in-house paint process may cause issues with efficiency when other areas are waiting for products to be painted, dried, and cured. Receiving coiled metal sheets already painted and ready for use can eliminate Manufacturing bottlenecks.
6.The paint line requires updating – when capital expenditures are required to invest in paint line equipment, cost savings may be achieved by outsourcing to a coil coater. Companies can experience significant cost savings by choosing prepainted aluminum or steel instead of refurbishing or replacing paint line equipment.
7.An increase in plant capacity is required – when manufacturers need more capacity, eliminating in-house paint shop processes can free up much needed space.
8.An overall outsourcing strategy is in consideration – if your company is implementing outsourcing strategies to save time and money and focus on core competencies, eliminating the in-house paint line by outsourcing with prepainted metal is a cost-effective option.
9.Capital expenditure budgets and new equipment purchases are in the planning phase – when planning capital expenditure budgets, resources can be freed up to purchase other equipment vital to core production instead of investing in expensive in-house painting equipment.

Manufacturers experiencing any one or several of these instances can benefit by outsourcing their metal painting process. Making the switch to outsource prepainted metal to a coil coater provides many benefits with significantly improved product quality as well as in-house cost-saving efficiencies. Working with an experienced custom chemical and coatings provider can help you understand your options and benefits.

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