Coil Coating Benefits and Solutions

Coil Coating Benefits

Coil coating provides an extremely efficient method of producing a high-quality, uniform coated finish over metal substrates with an automated, continuous process.  More than 800 million tons of coil-coated metal materials are produced and shipped in North America annually.  With coil coating, metal substrates are painted prior to, instead of following, fabrication, thus is sometimes referred to as pre-painted metal.

During the coil coating process, metal coil is unwound, cleaned, pre-treated and coatings are applied to a flat, continuous strip of metal.  It is then cured with heat, cooled and rewound back into coils that are to ship to the fabricators.  There the metal coils are unwound allowing the sheet to be cut and post formed, at the fabricator, to the desired shape and size for further processing or assembly. 

Coil Coating Provides Improved Quality and Efficiency

Coil coating is significantly more efficient than other application methods with line speeds at some coil coating lines operating as high as 700 feet per minute, with rapid curing possible, well under 60 seconds.

Coil coating provides many benefits over spray applied coatings as a coil applied film provides for a more uniform thickness, across the sheet and little to no paint transfer waste.

Coatings for Coil-Applied Applications 

Various types of coatings and industrial adhesives are coil applied with different curing methods such as induction, thermal, UV cure and infrared with the majority of curing using conventional convection ovens.  Manufacturers of coil applied coatings give special consideration to many factors when formulating coatings such as the resin technology, solvent system, catalyst, crosslinking, lubricants or surface modifiers to accommodate proper cure, leveling and minimizing surface defects.

Coil applied coatings provide exceptional physical, chemical resistant properties and can be formulated to deliver exceptional durability against exterior environmental conditions of humidity, corrosive environments, UV radiation, etc.  Working with a chemical and coatings manufacturer with experience in custom coil applied coatings provides the most benefit to coil coaters.

UNICHEM Offers Custom Coil Applied Coatings

 UNICHEM is a coatings technology leader in coil applied industrial adhesives and coatings and the industrial drum and pail market.  Since 1967, we have delivered innovative solutions which bring value for our customers with leading edge technology and a deep technical knowledge of resin science and adhesive technology.

UNICHEM consists of a dedicated team of the leading industrial coating engineers and scientists in the industry.  We follow a strict quality policy as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification and are dedicated to your total satisfaction.  Contact us to speak with an engineer and learn how to improve your coil applied coatings applications.