Coating Solutions for Precoated Building Materials

Precoated Building Materials

Precoated building materials provide significant improvements in quality over products with finishes applied in the field. Precoated building products provide consistent application of adhesives and coatings for better overall uniform application and color integrity.

Precoated Building Materials Add Value to Manufacturers and End Users

Building materials, including interior and exterior products such as door panels, window façades, edgings, trim, and other construction products produced with a precoated or prepainted method, add value to all stakeholders across the market segment. Whether building products are for residential homes, commercial office buildings, or industrial space, building materials produced with precoated methods benefit the manufacturer of such materials, the architect, and the homeowner or building owner.

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Improved Efficiency for Fabricators

Manufacturers experience improved efficiency in processes when using precoated materials, which are produced with a coil coating application method. Coatings and adhesives are applied to a continuous steel coil with high-speed efficiency, which produces a uniform coating of high quality. Manufacturers often experience cost savings by outsourcing coating and lamination processes to a coil coater to produce precoated metal prior to fabricating building products.

Precoated Construction Materials Add Value to Architects and Home Builders

Precoated construction materials manufactured with coil coating application methods add value to architects by providing innovation in color and quality standards. Prepainted metals stand the test of time with uniform application of quality primers with stain-blocking properties to improve consistency in color. Waterborne coatings provide the same quality while meeting strict environmental regulations. Architects have more options when designing office buildings and homes when using precoated construction materials.

Improved Quality for Building Owners and Users

Precoated building materials produced with a coil coating method are of a much higher quality than products that are coated or painted post-formation. Precoated metals allow for end-to-end coverage of coatings on metal coils, which are then formed into various building products. This provides much better protection at the joints of products which is an area prone to signs of corrosion or material weakness. Precoated, prepainted products look better and last longer, bringing satisfaction to homeowners and building owners.

Quality Coatings Add Value across the Entire Building Market Segment

High-quality coatings for coil coating applications add value across the entire building market segment, providing high-quality products for manufacturers and end users. Quality coatings are the key to producing high-quality precoated construction materials and add value to every stakeholder in the building market segment. Quality coatings improve product quality as well as contribute to a more efficient manufacturing process.

High-quality, custom coatings for coil-coated building products also add value to the machine coater, the coil coater, performing the application. Oftentimes, coil coaters may experience issues when using customer-supplied coatings and may reach out to custom coating manufacturers for assistance. Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, is a leading coatings and adhesives manufacturer, providing assistance to coil coaters with high-quality, customized coatings and adhesives developed to address OEM needs and improve any processing issues. Our experienced team of polymer and resin scientists helps machine coaters troubleshoot processing issues to provide the best coating or adhesive solution.

UNICHEM has been providing high-quality custom coating and adhesives solutions for more than 50 years. We help fabricators to improve product quality with custom-developed, high-quality coatings and adhesives that meet OEM specifications. Contact us to learn more about quality coatings that improve process efficiency for manufacturers and coil coaters.