Faux Stainless Steel Finish: Next Best Thing with All the Protection of SS

Stainless Steel FinishStainless steel appliances have been popular with an outer finish that is non-porous and easy to clean, scratch and stain resistant and goes with just about any décor.  The market for stainless steel is not letting up anytime soon, and some manufacturers are realizing that a stainless steel faux finish coating is just as effective on a variety of products.  This metallic appearance, protective finish can be applied in various means via roll on, spray on or applied during manufacturing with coil-coating processes.

Faux stainless steel provides many benefits in addition to a shiny, sleek surface and can be applied to many products and household items from large appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators to various items like picture frames, tabletops and more.

Working with an experienced custom chemicals and coatings manufacturer provides many advantages for makers of appliances and various household items.

UNICHEM Offers Specialty Decorative Finishes Including Faux SS

 Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, has been helping our customers with specialty coatings and custom chemical development for more than 50 years. We offer solutions for a wide range of decorative finishes including faux stainless steel, brushed nickel, brass, copper, and various surface textures to meet your needs. Faux stainless steel coatings with 316L stainless steel flakes embedded with highly engineered coating systems deliver the unsurpassed performance of stainless steel with less costs and easy application.

Faux stainless steel coatings deliver the same performance that stainless steel is known for, with a durable finish that is resistant to chemicals, moisture, oxygen degradation, mold, mildew, rust and even germs. For added germ protection, UNICHEM offers antimicrobial coating technology with uniCLER, proven to help reduce the buildup of germs on surfaces and mitigate the spread of harmful pathogens.

UNICHEM is recognized as a leading custom chemicals and coatings manufacturer, offering more than 50 years of expertise.  We offer solutions with a wide range of industrial adhesives, drum and pale coatings, decorative finishes, and antimicrobial technology. Contact us to speak with an engineer about improving your surface coating technology with decorative faux finishes including faux stainless steel.