How Coil Coating Benefits Exterior Building Façade Installs

Coil Coating Exterior BuildingA building façade can be anything from a simple design to a creative, complex building exterior. Metal panels provide the ease-of-use and durability building contractors demand.  With the correct cladding material and the right coating, metal panels can deliver endless possibilities and designs while providing durability and protection against the elements like wind and rain. Coil coating metal panels for building exterior façade use is a superior choice which offers many benefits.

The Coil Coating Process

Before your metal building façade panels arrive at your job site, that metal arrives in a 5-30,000 pound rolls, or coils at a coil coating company or a factory where coil coating is applied, from steel or aluminum mills.  This long strip of continuous metal sheet is unwound and pulled through a specialized coil coating machine that cleans it, primes it, paints it with some type of industrial coating, and then cures the paint, before winding it back up again to send for further fabrication and production assembly. Coil coating this large coil of metal, in a continuous coating process is extremely efficient and provides many benefits, to the manufacturer and to the end-user producing a high-quality, cost effective, final product.

The Many Benefits of Coil Coating 

Utilizing the coil coating process for metal building construction and façade panels provides many benefits over utilizing products which must be coated and painted after installation. The advantages of coil coating metal panels includes:

Uniformity – consistent application of coil coated adhesives and coatings ensures that each panel receives the same thickness and consistent application, minimizing variation that comes from manual applications.  Coil coating eliminates inconsistencies or the chance of ‘missing a spot’ like corners or cut outs for hinges, etc. on post-formed products. Highly controlled factory application of coatings ensures consistent, high-quality products which leads to improved efficiencies and cost savings.

Durability – coil coating delivers more consistent protection against corrosion compared to post painted products with consistent application of coatings and adhesives. Coil coating delivers a long-lasting, durable finish.

Versatility – coil coating allows for versatility to meet contractor preferences. Custom chemical and coating manufacturers develop industrial coatings and adhesives to meet virtually any contractor need.

Sustainability – modern chemical coating manufacturers are familiar with meeting federal industrial regulations such as the Environmental Protection Agency regarding volatile organic compounds, VOCs, and other emissions.

Adaptability – once the metal sheet completes the coil coating application, it is easier to post form products and maintain a smooth professional looking finish. Precoated coil coated metal panels reduce handling, saving on labor costs and potential quality concerns.

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc. for Custom Coil Coated Finishes 

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, offers high performance solutions for coil coating applications with a wide array of industrial adhesives such as uniBOND® L VINYL Adhesive, a vinyl laminate which provides exceptional performance with laminating vinyl to metal applications, available in single or two-stage curing formulations.

UNICHEM as a leader among custom chemical and coating formulation companies, with more than 50 years of experience in pioneering coating solutions.  We offer an integrated approach built on a robust foundation of science and research, with deep technical knowledge of polymer chemistry and adhesive technology. Contact us to speak with an engineer about improving your coil coatings with improved consistency, reliability, and cost savings.