Innovations in Prepainted Metal Mimic Nature to Deliver Big Advantages

Prepainted metal manufactured with a metal coil coating process is an innovative process in itself, providing the ability to apply a beautiful, durable coating to an entire sheet of metal in a matter of seconds, with a controlled and consistent application. Coil applied coatings cure quickly with solvents that evaporate and are captured for an environmentally friendly process. Coatings flow to create a smooth surface with a chemical reaction that provides a durable, scratch resistant, and yet flexible coating.

Creating this type of coating is exciting for chemists, the cost-efficient coil coating process is exciting for manufacturers, although it is the end result that consumers appreciate.

How Innovations in Coil Coatings Mimic Nature

Iridescent Color Changing Technology

Evolutions in technology often come from nature and the many biochemical reactions observed in plant and animal life. Take for example the iridescent beetle that looks like it has a blue outer shell at first glance, then turns to green or yellow from a different angle or under different lighting.  With modern pigment technology, coil coating can mimic this color shifting technology with the help of creative custom chemical and coating manufacturers. The striking effect of color changing technology is utilized by automakers and architects for interesting and appealing exterior coatings on cars, trucks, and buildings.

Water and Stain Resistant Coatings

Another example of coating technology mimicking nature is the characteristic to produce a superhydrophobic surface, or one that repels water and is difficult to wet. This is also known as the lotus effect, referring to the superhydrophobic leaves found on the lotus plant. This type of exterior provides many benefits such as a sort of self-cleaning technology in that beaded up water will roll off and take dirt with it while it cascades off of the prepainted panel.

Another huge benefit for buildings located in big cities or urban areas where graffiti is a problem is the anti-graffiti feature that allows for easy removal. Graffiti causes billions of dollars’ worth of damage to buildings every year in the U.S.. Innovative prepainted metal technology can include coatings resistant to graffiti and stains allowing the eyesore to easily be wiped away.

Infrared (IR) Reflection Technology

Prepainted metal used in the roofing industry was one of the first applications to utilize the benefits of cool pigment coil coating technology. Prepainted metal roofs with cool pigments are engineered to reflect infrared wavelengths that produce heat. This provides significant energy cost savings to building owners with less utilities required to reduce heat in buildings and creates a more comfortable environment to live and work in. Today, this cool pigment technology in metal roofing is available in various colors and provides environmentally responsible roofing solutions.

Coil coating technology continues to evolve as custom chemical manufacturers strive to improve products and processes across a broad range of industries. Prepainted metal offers these many advantages for long-lasting architectural structures, automobiles, appliances and more.

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