The Coil Coating Process Serves These Top 5 Markets

Coil Coating ProcessCoil-coated, prepainted metal materials are used in various market segments to provide products that have better coverage than in-house or spray applications of coatings. Coil coating a large metal sheet with primer and final finish coatings in one pass on a large coil prior to part fabrication improves overall coverage and product quality. Fabricated parts are then more resistant to corrosion and stress as the entire metal sheet is treated, rather than post painting which can leave joints vulnerable to wear and corrosion.

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These prepainted metal sheets are used to produce a wide range of products in a handful of industries.

Top 5 Markets and Applications for Coil Coated Products

The top markets served by coil coating include:

Construction – Coil Coated Products

Transportation – Coil Coated Products

  • Auto interior, exterior, and interior trim parts
  • Body panels for automobiles, trucks, tractors, buses, and RVs
  • Brake components
  • Accessories
  • Engine components

Industrial Applications – Coil Coated Products

  • Machinery and industrial equipment
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Baseboard heaters
  • HVAC systems
  • Displays and signs
  • Swimming pools
  • Vending machines
  • Ovenware

Consumer Products – Coil Coated Products

  • Furniture and furniture components
  • Window accessories (blinds, curtain rods, muttons)
  • Consumer electronics
  • Computers and components
  • Shelving
  • Small appliances
  • Major appliances
  • Displays and Signs

Container and Packaging -Coil Coated Products

  • Drums, pails, barrels
  • Containers, cans
  • Seals, straps
  • Crowns
  • Tabs, closures, ends

The coil coating industry continues to provide many advantages over other coating applications.

Advantages of Coil Coating

Some advantages of coil coating include:

  • Improved consistent quality – high automation and consistent, precision control of coating applications improve product quality.
  • Improved product durability – with a consistent application from end to end of metal coils, products exhibit improved durability and corrosion resistance than other application methods. Some construction products can boast up to a 40-year life before being required to be repainted.
  • Greener, environmentally friendly process – coil coating is a closed loop process that produces fewer emissions and volatile organic compounds ( VOCs).
  • Recyclability – prepainted metal is completely recyclable.
  • Less consumable materials consumption – the efficiencies and precision, controlled application of coatings with coil coating promote less waste and less consumption of materials.
  • Safety – coil coating is a highly automated, intrinsically safe industrialized process.
  • Cost-effectiveness – coil coating provides the most cost-effective method of applying coatings to metal surfaces in most applications.

Speak with an experienced custom coating company with knowledge of the coil coating process to learn more about your options for coating metal surfaces.

Custom Chemical and Coating Provider Offers Assistance with Coil Coating

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, offers assistance to companies wishing to expand their production with coil-coated products. We offer a full line of high-quality industrial adhesives, often used in coil coating applications with B-stage curing. This allows for the coil to be rewound and shipped to the manufacturer, where they can continue with lamination applications and cure the adhesive with applied heat. Our custom coatings can provide the finishing touch you’re looking for with a variety of finish options.

UNICHEM is a leading custom chemicals and coatings manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience. We follow strict quality policies as part of our ISO9001:2015 registration along with proprietary quality procedures. Contact us to learn more about improving your product line and expand the possibilities with coil coating.