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More Reading About UNICHEM and the Containers & Packaging Industry

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UNICHEM’s versatile line of coil applied coatings and adhesives can be applied to create many end market Appliance and HVAC Products including:

  • Food and Beverage Containers
    • Caps and Closures
    • Tabs; Ends
    • Can Bodies
  • General Containers
    • Aerosol Valve Cups
    • Decorative and Functional Packaging Barrels
    • Drums and Pails (see also, RESCO® Drum Linings)
  • Other Containers and Packaging
    • Tanks and Cylinders
    •  Strapping and Seals

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  • AQUALON 902 – Acrylic Coating with Low Heat Curing

    Unichem’s Aqualon 902 technology is a low VOC/low HAPS, regulatory compliant waterborne acrylic based exterior paint for the industrial container industry. Offered in a full array of colors to meet the customer’s needs with custom color matching always an option. Formulations are available for either spray or roll coat application.

  • Flexlain® Polyester Coating Technologies

    The UNICHEM scientific team prides itself in having the ability to maximize performance using this technology, keeping your economics in line while achieving higher levels of the performance you need. If your products have been served well using polyester technology, but you are looking for a better, more consistent, or higher-performing solution, UNICHEM’s Flexlain Technology might be just what you are looking for.

    When performance demands excel, and requirements are more extreme, polyester coatings may not provide adequate long-term performance, which is where other coatings systems may be better suited. If that is the case, we invite you to take a closer look at our other coatings systems throughout our website or, better yet, to see if UNICHEM’s Flexlain Technology is the right solution for you, please contact us.


  • uniBOND Polyethylene and Polypropylene Adhesives

    uniBOND Polyethylene or Polypropylene Adhesives – these adhesives, by UNICHEM, are suitable for bonding polyethylene or polypropylene films and insulative cores to a variety of substrates including various types and grades of aluminum, electrolytic tinplate and steel substrates. Typical applications are wherever composite panels and walls are needed, such as in transportation, tractor trailers, building products, consumer goods and many other markets.

    Polyethylene Adhesive available in single stage (uniBond-PE-100) and two stage (uniBond-PE-200) curing formulations.
    Polypropylene Adhesive available in single stage (uniBond-PP-100) and two stage (uniBond-PP-200) curing formulations.

  • uniBOND PVC Adhesive

    uniBOND PVC Adhesives – complements UNICHEM’s roofing adhesive offerings by providing a robust single or two stage adhesive providing excellent long term performance over the full range of ambient service temperatures and installation conditions.

    uniBOND PVC Adhesive, like many of UNICHEM’s other roofing membrane adhesives offers the end user wider operating windows of application and bonds strong enough to assure membrane failure, meeting the stringent demands of the roofing industry.

    Available in single stage (uniBond-PVC-100) and two stage (uniBond-PVC-200) curing formulations.

  • uniBOND Rubber Adhesive

    uniBOND Rubber Adhesives – These adhesives provide excellent laminating bonding for a variety of rubber type compounds to metal substrates such as steel and aluminum. There are many end applications in the general industrial markets such as noise dampening, vibration reducing as well as thermal or electrical insulation panel applications.

  • uniGUARD 600 – Solvent Based Strippable Protective Coating

    uniGUARD 600 – solvent based chemistry that provides a cost-effective alternative to temporary laminate films.  Our uniGUARD 600 can be applied on a coil coating line but can also be applied via silk screen or other manual lower volume type applications.

    Unlike conventional laminates, uniGUARD 600 is applied in the same manner as the base coat, allowing higher speed of application, elimination of waste and particulate contamination between the strippable layer and base coat.  With adjustable release strength and offered in a variety of colors, UNICHEM’s uniGUARD 600 gives the control back to the end users, while also saving them money.

  • uniGUARD 902 – Water Based Strippable Protective Coating

    uniGUARD 902 – waterborne uniGUARD 902 technology offers a lower VOC, cost-effective alternative to temporary laminate films.  uniGUARD 902 water based protective coating offers the same advantages as the 600 solvent based chemistry with high-speed application applied in the same manner as the base coat. This helps to reduce waste and prevent contamination between the base coat and strippable layer.

  • uniSEAL G Gasket Sealer

    UNICHEM’s uniSEAL G are all FDA compliant liquid, low VOC, heat cured, gasket compounds, primarily used in the industrial container markets for providing proper sealing of container fitting safety caps, flow in gaskets for open head five gallon pails and steel fiber drum covers that use a flow in gaskets to provide sealing of liquid or dry contents.

  • uniSEAL SS Seam Sealer

    UNICEHM’s uniSEAL SS are all FDA compliant, low VOC compounds that come in both air dried and heat cured formulations, primarily used in the steel industrial container markets to provide liquid tight seal of five gallon pails and 55 gallon drums

  • VINYLOID® PVC Based Industrial Coating

    UNICHEM’s VINYLOID® family of PVC based industrial coatings is used in a wide variety of markets, including residential, commercial and industrial siding, roofing, interior and exterior ductwork, building panels, window bucks and any other application where a chemical resistant, exterior durability, insulative value and many other features that can be built into this coatings system as needed.

More Reading About UNICHEM and the Containers & Packaging Industry

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