Troubleshooting Adhesive Bonding Problems: Process Review

adhesive bonding failuresWhen troubleshooting adhesive bonding failures, a close examination of all critical points in the manufacturing process is necessary to determine root cause. We have reviewed adhesion failures and cohesion failures , additional factors that may occur in the manufacturing process could also contribute to poor bonding and adhesive failure.

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, UNICHEM, is a leading manufacturer of high quality industrial adhesives, paints and coatings serving a variety of industries for more than 50 years. We systematically analyze each step in your manufacturing process with in-depth technical expertise and will recommend corrective actions for a long-lasting adhesive solution. Based on more than 50 years of expertise in resin and adhesive technology, we help to determine where bonding quality is compromised or where contamination might occur.

Some of the most critical points to evaluate include:

Surface preparation and treatment – pretreating surfaces is a means to improve the adhesion of industrial coatings and adhesives, when performed correctly. Inconsistent or poor processes for surface preparation may hinder adhesion.  The goal of pre-treating surfaces with active chemistries or something like flame treatment, is to increase the surface free energy of the surface without altering or damaging the underlying substrate.

Cleaning – a careful review of the cleaning process could reveal a source of contamination such as poor filtration, lack of control over the cleaning chemistries or poor maintenance of the cleaning process tanks.  Improper storage with exposure to moisture or heat may also have detrimental effects on cleaning operations.

Storage and handling – improper storage of adhesives at temperatures not ideal or recommended for their material properties. Handling and dispensing protocols should be examined to ensure that all materials are stored at the right temperature and handled with clean and safe practices.

Bonding process – review the bonding application and process such as coil coating machinery and equipment to ensure that all components are operating correctly. Check to insure process controls are in place to assure proper application of industrial adhesives. 

Adhesive curing – failures can occur when industrial bonding adhesives are not cured at the right temperature or for the appropriate amount of time.  Universal Chemicals & Coatings, UNICHEM, offers industrial adhesives available with both single and two-stage bonding properties.

Examine the process for inconsistencies – evaluate all manufacturing processes with systematic evaluation of each step to ensure quality control throughout the entire application.

UNICHEM offers uniBOND® industrial adhesives for a wide range of industrial bonding applications including polyethylene and polypropylene adhesives, fiber composite adhesives, vinyl adhesives and more.  We provide solutions to many coil coating applications, with quality adhesives available in single or two-stage curing properties along with custom chemistries to meet specific requirements.

UNICHEM offers solutions to manufacturers and coil coaters facing challenges with industrial adhesive failures.  We partner with you to examine your process and provide long-lasting solutions which improve quality and deliver cost-saving efficiencies. Contact us with any questions and for solutions when troubleshooting adhesive bonding applications.