Prepainted Metal Supports Green Building Initiatives and LEED: Part One

low VOC industrial adhesivePart One: Prepainted Metal, LEED and Green Building Design 

Prepainted metal offers many benefits for every application in which it is used, providing advantages to the manufacturer with cost-efficient production process and high-quality products. Coil coating is not only cost-efficient, but also an environmentally responsible method of steel production which provides many benefits to the manufacturer, including energy efficiency and LEED certification. 

Coil Coating Is An Environmentally Responsible Process

Among the many advantages of prepainted metal, the sustainability and environmentally friendly coil coating process may be one of the most important. Prepainted metal is manufactured in an environmentally responsible method which provides many advantages to building and construction contractors, building owners and occupants. Exceeding Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, standards and contributing to LEED certification are some of the benefits that can be achieved with prepainted metal.

What is LEED Certification? 

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED, was introduced in 1998 by the nonprofit U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to be used as a measurement of a building’s environmental footprint.  LEED has developed into the most popular certification for green buildings with at least 50,000 buildings worldwide certified or in the certification process. When a building obtains a LEED certification, an assessment of the building’s construction and design in terms of energy efficiency, choice of building materials, air quality and water usage has been completed. Other certification factors include responsible use of land and access to public transportation.

Some local, state, or federal agencies require new building construction to include working with LEED.  The principles behind LEED certified construction companies go beyond increasing building efficiency and saving buyers money. It also represents an ethical system for sustainability, constructing better buildings for better lives.

What Are the Benefits of LEED Certification?

A stamp of LEED certification promotes a healthier indoor environment for all building occupants and offers many benefits such as tax credits and incentives. Some of the benefits of achieving LEED certification include:

  • Promotes the usage of recycled materials
  • Increases building valuation
  • Reduces operation and maintenance expenses
  • Reduces liability
  • Promotes improved indoor air quality
  • Improves employee performance and reduces ‘sick building’ syndrome
  • Reduces energy and water usage
  • Reduces waste during the construction process
  • Attracts building occupants with sustainable goals

What are the LEED Rating Systems? 

There are five different areas of the LEED rating system which address multiple projects:

  • Interior Design and Construction
  • Building Design and Construction
  • Building Operations and Maintenance
  • Homes
  • Neighborhood Development

 Each of these areas are analyzed on smaller components and awarded points to achieve one of the following categories:

  • CERTIFIED 40-49 Points
  • SILVER 50-59 Points
  • GOLD 60-79 Points
  • PLATINUM 80+ Points

LEED-certified buildings demonstrate environmentally responsible building practices which can boost the reputability and image of contractors and building owners. The coil coating process which creates prepainted metal is environmentally friendly, capturing 98% of volatile organic compounds, VOCs, in efficient, closed-loop processes.

Coil Coating Supplier of Adhesives and Coatings

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