Prepainted Metal Supports Green Building Initiatives and LEED: Part Two

low VOC industrial adhesivePart Two: How Does Prepainted Metal Support LEED? 

Prepainted metal is manufactured with a coil coating process, where large metal or steel sheets are run through a coil machine for fast and efficient application of adhesives and coatings.  Coil coated metal is used in a wide range of industries including appliances, furniture, automotive, HVAC, and the construction industry on building interiors and exteriors.

Building Construction and Operation: The Largest Contributor of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

According to, buildings generate nearly 40% of all global, annual CO2 emissions. Construction and building materials are responsible for about 11% while building operations make up 28% of CO2 emissions annually.

New building construction certified to  LEED is aimed to improve energy efficiency, recyclability of materials, and to reduce the environmental footprint of buildings. In the United States, buildings consume more energy and produce more greenhouse gas emissions than automobiles, buses, trains, and jets combined. Buildings require energy for everything from construction, to running appliances, heating, and cooling. New construction that utilizes prepainted metal manufactured with a coil coating process helps to support energy efficient building construction and operation.

How Is the Coil Process Environmentally Friendly? 

When coil coaters apply coatings to produce prepainted metal, the process is more environmentally friendly with closed loop processes and VOC removal.  Here are the top 6 environmentally friendly benefits of coil applied prepainted metal:

  •  Sustainability 

Coil coating is considered to be one of the most environmentally responsible methods of applying coatings to aluminum and steel substrates. With automated, consistent application of paints, coatings and adhesives, manufacturers can avoid applying these coatings in-house which requires purchasing, storing, usage, and disposal of often harmful, toxic, or flammable chemicals. When OEMs receive sheets of metal ready for product formation, their employees are not subjected to harmful fumes, and they avoid potential environmental contamination issues.

  • VOC Capture 

Due to the nature of the closed loop coil coating process, the ovens burn harmful volatile organic compounds, VOCs, and reuse them for fuel which eliminates pollutants and saves energy. Coil coating eliminates toxic air pollutants and prevents them from entering the air with at least a 98% VOC capture rate.

  • Exceeds EPA Regulations 

The coil coating industry is subjected to effluent guidelines and standards issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, regulated under 40 CFR Part 465. Coil coaters across the country take pride in exceeding these regulations with environmentally responsible manufacturing methods.  Coil coating suppliers offer a variety of coatings, paints, and adhesives manufactured with quality raw materials and environmentally friendly practices.

  • Recyclable Materials 

Coil coating with aluminum and steel provides the opportunity to utilize recyclable products. Aluminum and steel retain their original mechanical properties even after multiple recycling. Prepainted metal that is utilized in building construction today is nearly all manufactured with recycled materials. Recycling helps to conserve our planet’s natural resources and reduce landfill waste.

  • Product Service Life Longevity 

Prepainted metal provides added corrosion resistance over post painted products for extended service life of metal products. Prepainted metal in building materials delivers unrivaled longevity and performance. The use of prepainted metal gives building owners and contractors the ability to choose materials and coatings that meet the needs of their building and environment. Various combinations of aluminum and steel substrates, pre-treatments, primers, and finish coatings are available to meet various environmental conditions such as extreme UV exposure, heat, cold, or a saltwater environment.

  • Energy Efficient 

Prepainted metal provides energy efficiency in building installations with surface coatings that are solar reflective, which is even available in darker colors. Prepainted metal meets the most stringent energy codes and helps building contractors to earn LEED credits.

Coil Coating Is Cost-Effective

The coil coating process is very cost effective with many benefits such as low maintenance, long lasting performance, tax credits and incentives with LEED certification.

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