Benefits of Manufacturing with Prepainted Metal

Manufacturing with Prepainted MetalPrepainted metal provides many advantages to manufacturers in a broad range of industries, and also benefits consumers with a high quality product.  Prepainted metal is made with a coil coating process that gives manufacturers flexibility in a variety of finishes that can be made to look like virtually any material. Coil coated metal products are found almost everywhere such as on appliances, furniture, automobiles, HVAC systems, building interiors and exteriors.  

Coil coated, prepainted metal provides a host of benefits including:

Versatility to be formed into any shape – coil coating metal gives an even finish of surface coatings or adhesives that can get into cracks or bends and gives metal products excellent durability and resistance to weathering for long lasting performance.

Beautiful aesthetically pleasing surface – manufacturers and consumers love the beauty of prepainted metal for various products and building products and the flexibility of different finish options such as wood grain, stainless steel, brushed copper, slate, asphalt, color changing pigments and many others.  Architects love the beautiful finish for building materials such as doors, windows, walls, roofs, floors, and architectural paneling.  Prepainted metal helps architects deliver buildings that provide both beauty and function.

Durability – the process of coil coating metal with a properly formulated industrial coating solution, provides amazing durability with various surface treatments that can deliver benefits like UV resistant, waterproof, weatherproof, smog-eating, corrosion resistant and more.  Coil coating metal can provide a longer service life without degradation.  Learn more about the durability of prepainted metals with corrosion resistance from the National Coil Coaters Association, NCCA, the Cutting Edge of Corrosion Resistance.

Innovation – pre-painted metal allows architects, manufacturers, and product designers to reinvent products with innovative shapes, patterns, colors, or textures with endless possibilities of specialty coatings.

Energy efficiencycoil coated metal products are used in a variety of products such as wind turbines coated with pearlescent pigments with infrared-reflective coating technology. Coil coated solar panels are just one of the many renewable energy products that rely on prepainted metal products.

Sustainability – prepainted steel and aluminum can be recycled again and again without losing quality and original performance qualities.  Prepainted metal used in buildings can be recycled unlike wood, cement, brick, or other building materials that degrade after time.

Environmentally friendly process – coil coating is an eco-friendly method of applying paint and coatings to aluminum and steel substrates.  Coil coating is an efficient process that prevents harmful VOCs from polluting the air with a “closed loop” application.  High-tech coil coating lines are controlled and meet or exceed the highest of EPA standards.

Cost – costs of manufacturers using prepainted metal vs. in-house coating processes are often times less than what manufacturers realize when comparing the cost of paint application equipment, labor, and EPA compliance reporting.

UNICHEM Offers Prepainted Metal Coating Solutions

UNICHEM offers prepainted metal coating solutions with high quality coatings, paints and adhesives tailored to our customer needs.  We provide coil coating solutions with customizable chemistries that are adjustable to various processing configurations. Our uniBOND industrial adhesive, for example, is available in standard cure and B-stage curing with a wider curing window and uniform, reliable adhesion.

UNICHEM is a market leader in custom chemistries, coatings, paints, and adhesives with more than 50 years of experience in delivering surface coating solutions.  We follow a strict quality policy as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification and in-house proprietary quality policies.  Contact us to learn the many benefits of coil coating prepainted metal.