Lamination Bonding for Metal, Plastics and Rubber in Automotive

Lamination BondingLamination bonding is replacing mechanical fasteners in automotive manufacturing of many composites. Industrial adhesives provide many advantages to automotive OEMs with improved products and processes.  Using adhesives over mechanical fasteners enable automotive OEMs to manufacture vehicles with a lighter weight, which helps to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions.

Here are some of the most important advantages of using high quality industrial adhesives over mechanical fasteners in the automotive industry:

Improved adhesion with no drag or drop – reliable adhesives applied to overhead or vertical surfaces provide improved bonding without the drag or drop that can occur with metal fasteners. 

Improved durability – quality industrial adhesives deliver durable products which can outlast mechanical fasteners that can wear with years of vibration or exposure to causes of corrosion.

Environmentally friendly – OEMs can discuss their environmental concerns with quality adhesive suppliers like UNICHEM, who customize adhesives to meet processing and environmental requirements.  Coil coating is an environmentally friendly operation with a closed loop process that can reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions compared to in-house application processes.

Flammability – the use of industrial adhesives does not need to increase any risk of flammability with custom adhesive solutions from experienced chemical and coating suppliers.  It can even eliminate the exposure at the point of assembly by having the adhesive pre-coated and cured before ever getting to the assembly floor.

Resistant to chemicals – adhesives can be manufactured to provide resistance to chemicals, solvents, and other elements such as UV exposure.

Industrial adhesives in the automotive sector provide many advantages with anti-friction and thermal management materials.  UNICHEM offers bonding solutions to automotive suppliers with high-quality, customized adhesives such as uniBOND industrial adhesive.

uniBOND adhesives provide solutions when lamination bonding to metal, rubber or vinyl and fiber composites.

Opportunities for Bonding in Automotive Components

Many components manufactured in automotive applications can benefit from lamination bonding solutions such as door panels, liftgates, battery boxes and more.  UNICHEM can help OEMs to analyze the best adhesive solution and the advantages that will be provided over other bonding methods.

UNICHEM offers more than 50 years of experience in developing high-quality, environmentally friendly, and reliable adhesive bonding solutions.  We provide customized solutions to meet your exact specifications with market and technology specialization.  Contact us to learn how to improve your automotive products and processes with durable and reliable uniBOND industrial adhesive.