What Sets uniBOND Products Apart From Other Adhesives?

uniBOND industrial adhesives by Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, delivers lamination bonding solutions to many applications and industries.  uniBOND is applied with a coil coating process which provides a durable bond with high-quality, consistent application.  Coil coating adhesives for lamination bonding applications provides significant cost-saving efficiencies over other application methods and improves product quality for many OEMs.

uniBOND industrial adhesives are set apart from other adhesives on many levels to provide an improved quality of product, increased productivity, and profitability. One of the greatest benefits that uniBOND provides is the expert team that comes with it.  UNICHEM differs from other industrial adhesive suppliers in our commitment to understanding your needs to improve your product and process.

Advantages of uniBOND Products: Quality Industrial Adhesive

uniBOND products by UNICHEM provide solutions to OEMs and coil coaters when looking for the right adhesive products for lamination bonding to metal, plastic, rubber, or vinyl. UNICHEM offers the unique ability to customize our formulas to meet various processing needs such as curing temperatures or environmental regulations. uniBOND improves lamination processes in many industries and applications with benefits including:

  • Wider curing window making it more forgivable to operational variations such a temperature across the strip
  • More uniform adhesion
  • Less edges flaking
  • Available in standard cure and B-Stage adhesion
  • Adhesives for a wide variety of substrates
  • Customizable to adjust for various process configurations
  • The UNICHEM difference

The UNICHEM difference is based on a dedication to research and development of high-performance coatings and adhesives. uniBOND is a result of decades of leading the market in product development backed by a deep technical knowledge of polymer chemistry and resin science.

The UNICHEM Difference

UNICHEM provides custom coating and lamination solutions aligned with your needs and specifications. Our state-of-the art research facilities allow for sample analysis and testing with precision industrial coatings and adhesives testing equipment.  Our experienced team provides solutions that assure successful application processes you can rely on.

Learn more about the UNICHEM difference and our commitment to providing unique, yet practical solutions which create value for manufacturers, coil coaters, and end-users alike:

The technology leaders at UNICHEM gain a keen understanding of customer needs to deliver solutions based on in-depth market and specialization capabilities. uniBOND takes your lamination bonding to metal, rubber, fiber composites, or vinyl laminate applications to the next level. 

UNICHEM has been a market leader of industrial adhesives, paints, and coatings for more than 50 years.  We continue to pursue new frontiers with a dedication to research and development and a commitment to improving our customer overall operations. Contact us to learn more about uniBOND industrial adhesive and the many benefits of bringing in the UNICHEM team to improve your adhesive lamination application.