Adhesive Manufacturers Work to Enhance Sustainability

Sustainable Adhesives
Sustainability has been a hot topic in just about every industry, from packaging to manufacturing of all types of products, such as construction and building products, automotive manufacturing, and more. Businesses have been working to improve their sustainability efforts, and collaboration throughout the entire supply chain is critical.

Sustainability Driven by More than Environmental Efforts

Companies have been focusing on sustainability efforts for many years, although the efforts are not being driven solely by climate activists and legislators. Consumers are raising their voice as well and demanding sustainability efforts from brands they purchase, seeking out products manufactured by companies meeting their environmental corporate responsibility. Due to this increase in consumer behavior, sustainability is no longer something companies would like to have but has become more of a must-have requirement.

When developing or enhancing any product, it is critical for manufacturers to remember why the changes were introduced in the first place. While there is a need to meet consumer demand, there is also an opportunity to improve products for end-users. When incorporating sustainably manufactured adhesives, additional benefits should also include an improvement in process efficiencies.

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Applications for Sustainably Manufactured Adhesives

Industrial adhesives are utilized in a broad range of industries and applications and are used to manufacture many products in various markets, such as:

  • Building and construction products
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Appliances and consumer goods
  • Marine products
  • Healthcare
  • Home improvement products

Industrial adhesives are utilized in these minimarket applications and more, and adhesives manufactured with innovative technologies to provide improvements in sustainability offer many benefits to companies and end-users.

Benefits of Innovative Industrial Adhesives

Adhesive manufacturers that offer innovative bonding solutions provide many benefits with a focus on improving product quality, process efficiency, and consumer satisfaction. Innovative industrial adhesives must provide effective bonding and sealing while also protecting against air vapor, moisture, water, and flashing, particularly for the construction market.

Additionally, each industry has specific requirements that must be met, and any introduction of innovative and sustainable products must provide added value. For example, each industry has different concerns for efficient processes and end-user satisfaction, such as:

Automotive industry – the transportation market requires high-quality, durable products and components that protect wire harness assemblies, prevent corrosion, and provide long-lasting bonding for reduced vibration and noise. Adhesives that provide these benefits along with lighter weight laminating solutions also improve fuel efficiency for end-users.

Aircraft and aerospace industry – the field of Aeronautics also requires durable bonding in the presence of extreme environmental conditions such as heat and vibration. Industrial adhesives must be proven to withstand the harsh stressors of this market for the ultimate safety of everyone involved. Reducing the weight of aircraft components also improves fuel efficiency for the aeronautic and aerospace industries.

Building and construction industry – building components must be designed and manufactured to last without premature wear and tear, corrosion or breakage. Specialty adhesives must be designed to withstand exposure to oxygen, salt water, and other environmental hazards.

Sustainability with Adhesives in Product Manufacturing

While innovative adhesive manufacturers are focusing on providing reliable bonding solutions for minimarket applications that not only improve product quality and process efficiency, they must also be manufactured with environmental considerations and within all regulations. Manufacturing adhesives with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as solvent-free and water-based adhesive solutions is one way manufacturers are providing added value to the supply chain in many industries.

UNICHEM Offers Innovative Industrial Adhesives Solutions

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc, UNICHEM, offers uniBOND industrial adhesive typically applied through a coil coating process that delivers cost savings, high quality, and customizable solutions. uniBOND provides solutions with coil coating, including uniform application, better coverage with consistent quality, and efficient application, saving companies money and time over in-house application processes.

UNICHEM is dedicated to environmentally friendly manufacturing, ensuring that no hazardous materials are introduced into the environment or landfill in any way from our production processes. All materials used in our chemical, coding, and adhesive manufacturing are reused, reclaimed, or recycled responsibly.

UNICHEM has been providing industrial adhesive solutions to a wide range of industries for more than 50 years. Our experienced team pivots with ease around environmental standards, production economics, and any new regulations. Contact us to learn more about high-performance industrial adhesives that meet your environmental and sustainability goals.