Selecting Durable Resin Based Coatings

Resin Based Coatings

The resin in resin-based coatings is what actually acts like the adhesive or the binder that keeps all of the elements in a paint formulation together. The resin that is chosen for the coating is the backbone of that coating and is the primary source that determines the durability and physical properties of that coating. When selecting the right resin-based coating for your application, it is critical to know some of the key resin features.

Resin-Based Coatings with UV Resistance

The most well-known resins with the ability to resist damage from UV rays are fluoropolymer resins which also are known for having non stick properties. Resin-based coatings are often used in coil coating applications for products that require exceptional durability. Resin-based coatings are more likely to maintain their original gloss for years over other types of resin-based coatings.

Failures in Resin-Based Coatings

The risk of color fading is one of the most common causes of failures in resin-based coatings. Custom coatings can be developed that will withstand exposure to UV wavelengths that can be combined with inorganic, durable pigments, create a coating system that prevents fading of colors. Resin-based coatings can be designed to resist extreme temperatures and exposure to oxygen, water, and humidity.

This is especially beneficial for building and construction products such as laminated construction panels treated with exterior coatings that are located near salt water. Structures near the ocean will experience quicker wear and signs of corrosion if not treated with a coating that can withstand this extreme environment.

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Custom Resin-Based Coatings that Retain Color

Some resin-based coatings are more likely to retain their color when compared to other types of coatings, such as silicon-modified polyester coatings or polyester coatings. Resin-based custom coatings can provide added strength with bonds that are nearly unbreakable in even the most extreme weather conditions.

Buildings that are renovated with durable coatings and new building construction with panels coated with custom coatings can remain durable and vibrant for several years.

UNICHEM Is A Custom Coatings Manufacturer

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