Specially Formulated Custom Chemicals and Coatings

formulated custom coatings -post imageWhen companies are challenged to select chemicals and coatings for their manufacturing process, it is best to consult with an experienced custom chemicals and coatings manufacturer. Universal Chemicals and Coatings, UNICHEM, has built our reputation on a dedication to providing the best coatings solution that optimizes your current products and delivers cost-saving efficiencies for more than 50 years.

There are many benefits that a custom chemical and coatings company brings to the table when companies are facing in-house coatings application decisions.  Coil coaters also work closely with custom coatings companies and the manufacturer to ensure the correct coating application meets OEM and end-use demands.

Benefits to Manufacturers of Custom Chemicals and Coatings Providers

When manufacturers must include coatings or adhesives in their process, they often face unique challenges.  Custom chemical and coatings manufacturer UNICHEM offers solutions to manufacturers and coil coaters with specially formulated coatings designed to meet specific product specifications. Areas where a custom coatings provider brings significant benefits to the manufacturing process include:

Small batch requirements – a manufacturer often does not have the ability to produce small amounts of coatings with specific properties. This requires an investment in infrastructure and equipment that a custom chemicals and coating company provides.

Hazardous chemical formulations – UNICHEM works with their customers to ensure that all products comply with applicable environmental regulations and national standards.

Specific industry needs – UNICHEM offers more than 50 years of market specializations and application knowledge across a broad range of industries. Our strength lies in developing new materials to achieve challenging physical property requirements.

Packaging and shipping demands – custom coatings suppliers optimize chemistries to meet packaging and shipping needs unique to each customer.

Consistent processes – the state-of-the-art research facilities at UNICHEM are equipped with testing equipment for sample analysis and pilot lab production.  We ensure maximum field application success with simulation of real world conditions existing in the industry.  All our testing labs follow strict practices and methods according to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to deliver consistent and repeatable processes.

UNICHEM Provides Custom Chemicals and Coatings

UNICHEM works closely with our customers to realize the best possible performance for the application and the environment where chemicals and coatings are being used. Our dedicated research team partners with you, asking the right questions to deliver the custom formulation that provides superior performance combined with the highest value.  Our scientists possess deep technical knowledge of resin science, polymer chemistry, adhesive technology and continually pursue new frontiers with a dedicated research and development team.

Our creative development strategies and technological agility provide the best custom coatings solutions for long-lasting performance. Our industrial adhesives and coatings provide superior performance with sheet and roll-coating coil applications and can be modified to achieve specific desired outcomes, with both solvent and waterborne technologies. With an intellectual prowess that redefines the possibilities in your market, you can count on the expertise of UNICHEM to solve your chemicals and coatings challenges with unique, yet practical solutions.

UNICHEM is an industry leader among custom chemicals and coatings suppliers, with more than 50 years of experience meeting unique coating and adhesive challenges.  We work closely with manufacturers and coil coaters to specially formulate the best coating for your application and environment.  Contact us to speak with a coatings specialist for your custom chemical, coatings, and adhesive solutions.