Custom Coatings, Paints, and Adhesives for Any Market Segment

custom coatingsUNICHEM designs and manufactures custom coatings, high-performance paints, and proven industrial adhesive solutions by synergistically utilizing optimized raw materials, vast technical expertise, and dynamic manufacturing capability. We deliver rapid iteration with unparalleled speed to market processing while maintaining the highest in quality assurance protocols.

We have been delivering high quality and reliable coatings, adhesives, and linings for over 50 years to a wide range of market segments of including:

Coil coating processes – We deliver custom coatings and adhesives that are applied with the coil coating process designed to improve application and product performance.

Dry erase and sublimation – superior dry erase technology eliminates ghosting and meets the demands of high traffic, collaborative, board room brainstorming.

Consumer applications – we offer a wide variety of coatings and finish options solutions for various consumer products including packaging, appliances, decorative hardware and furniture.

Transportation industry – automotive, aviation and trucking industries require laminating adhesives solutions which provide noise and vibration reduction while maintaining color and protecting aesthetic finishes.

Construction and roofing industry – UNICHEM provides reliable industrial adhesives that meet demanding construction and roofing application needs, such as TPO metal roofing pucks, fastener coatings, and aluminum composite materials.

Container, drum, and pail industry – we offer a family of products that lead the industry in container linings, sealants, and gaskets.

UNICHEM offers custom coating and adhesive solutions to these industries and many others with antimicrobial coating technology available for many of our coating solutions.

When you need a custom coatings manufacturer on your team, learn how UNICHEM partners with you to bring value to your product offerings with cost-efficient process solutions.  At UNICHEM, every product we produce undergoes strenuous multi-point testing and inspection so you can have confidence that our paints and coatings will perform when others do not.

UNICHEM is an industry leader in custom chemicals and coatings development, offering a vast product line for many applications. We are proud to be on the frontier of low VOC waterborne paint and coating research for next generation performance.  Contact us for innovative solutions to your most complex coating and adhesive needs.