Architectural Coatings: Trends Impacting Interior and Exterior Coatings

Architectural CoatingsConstruction projects require the use of both interior and exterior architectural coatings to meet the needs of a building owner’s short and long term goals. The right architectural coatings play an important role in meeting the goals of modern business owners today.  With high-performance coatings available, buildings and outdoor architectural structures can be designed to last longer than ever before.

Functional properties like antimicrobial technology, UV resistant coatings and durable coatings that withstand high-traffic wear and tear are just some of the properties available in architectural coatings today.

Coatings Designed to Fight Viruses

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused businesses in every industry to rethink how they conduct business to provide their services or sell their products.  Keeping employees and the public safe has become the number one priority and antimicrobial coatings can help to fight off virus and bacterial buildup on surfaces.  Antimicrobial coatings prevent the buildup of many viruses and bacteria and also prolong the life of the surface as penetrating bacteria, mold and fungi can quickly deteriorate a surface.

UNICHEM offers antimicrobial technology that can be incorporated into many coatings to protect surfaces and help to prevent the spread of harmful pathogens.

UV Resistant Coatings

Many exterior architectural coatings protect surfaces exposed to the harsh weather elements with UV resistant coatings.  Exterior architectural coatings can be applied to the building exterior, outdoor elements like stadium seating, windows and more.  Energy efficient coatings applied to windows are another popular exterior architectural coating that can be designed for high energy efficiency.

Durable Coatings for High Traffic Areas

Protecting surfaces with durable coatings in high traffic areas reduces the amount of upkeep required for maintenance.  Flooring, steps, and high-traffic corridors are some areas where durable coatings provide advantages.  With less wear and tear, scuff resistant coatings last longer, do not need to be repainted as often, and are stronger to resist damage.

More Choices with Finish Options

Modern builders want versatility with many options for choosing the finish on their architectural coatings, whether interior or exterior.  Finish coatings can be designed with endless possibilities in color and texture such as a faux stainless steel, wood grain look and more.

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, is a market leader in providing high quality custom coatings, paints, and adhesives. We are committed to providing the functional properties required by the customer while meeting environmental regulations.  Our coatings and industrial adhesives are used in many architectural applications and construction products like doors, windows, panels and more.

UNICHEM leads the industry in providing custom coatings used in various architectural applications for interior and exterior products.  We offer high-performance, high-tech coatings with antimicrobial technology and UV resistant coatings.  Contact us with any questions in obtaining the perfect solution for your architectural coatings.