Custom Coatings for Demanding Aerosol Product Manufacturing

Custom CoatingsAerosol cans are used in a wide range of industries for everything from spray-paint cans, to hairspray and even food and beverage items.  Aerosol cans are an important product in these industries and many others such as:

  • Paint – spray paint and painting chemical compounds
  • Cosmetics – hair spray and spray on cosmetic products
  • Pharmaceutical – disinfectants and medications can be administered through spray cans
  • Construction – many products such as spray foam are utilized in the construction industry
  • Food and beverage – from whipped cream to non-stick spray, aerosol cans are widely used in the food and beverage industry

Designing and manufacturing aerosol cans requires special considerations such as mounting cups that need to withstand pressure up to 15 bar. Various materials such as aluminum and tin plate may require specialty coatings to resist corrosion or chemical reactions, while providing food safety and a sterile environment at the same time.

Aerosol can manufacturers continue to apply innovative technology to meet the needs of these various markets.  Extremely high quality control is necessary in all of these segments to ensure consumer safety in areas like food and personal care products, for example, and reliable product performance in applications like pharmaceutical processes. When manufacturing aerosol cans and all required components such as caps, valves, and actuators, working with a specialty chemicals and coatings manufacturer can help to improve your product quality and process efficiency.

UNICHEM Offers Solutions to the Aerosol Can Industry 

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, UNICHEM, is a custom chemicals and coatings manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience in meeting the needs of various market segments with innovative coating solutions. Our state of the art research laboratories and facilities allow for analytical testing and product development capabilities. We are committed to disciplined quality processes as part of our ISO9001:2015 certification as well as internal quality control procedures.

You can rely on UNICHEM, the vast expertise of our team and our in-depth knowledge of polymer chemistry and resin science. We offer custom coating solutions to meet your specifications with chemical resistance and antimicrobial coating technology. Contact us to learn more about our vast capabilities with custom chemicals and coatings technology to support the many segments of aerosol can manufacturing.