60 Years of Innovative Laminating and Adhesive Solutions

custom coatings and adhesives supplierManufacturers of custom chemicals and coatings such as laminating and industrial adhesives require in-depth technical knowledge resin science, polymer chemistry and process technologies. Continual advances in technology and product development require custom coatings suppliers to develop innovative, first to market chemistries with a wide variety of products to suit many market demands.

UNICHEM stands out as a leading custom coatings and adhesives supplier with more than 50 years of innovation in delivering solutions to complex challenges across the many segments and markets that we serve.

UNICHEM Vision, Mission and Values

UNICHEM embraces our vision to be the number one coatings supplier and create sustainable value for customers, employees, our stakeholders, the community and the environment.  Our mission is to partner with our customers and develop real-world, unique and practical solutions. We accomplish this by embracing our values which include a commitment to teamwork, excellence in creating value in everything we do.

The winged Tiger logo of UNICHEM has been a symbol of integrity, wisdom, and agility throughout the family lineage of UNICHEM’s recognition as a leading global supplier of custom coating solutions dating back to the 19th century. We deliver innovation to a diverse range of industries, improving manufacturing operations with a strong focus on product and process improvement. We provide solutions to complex challenges which increase quality, decrease costs and deliver sustainable value.

ISO9001:2015 Certified Chemicals and Coatings Supplier 

UNICHEM is an ISO9001:2015 certified chemicals and coatings supplier, having been certified to ISO9001 standards since 1994.  In addition to maintaining our certification through detailed work processes, product quality testing and inspections, research and development for continual improvement, we also follow a strict protocol of proprietary quality procedures to ensure the highest in quality products for your total satisfaction.

As a custom chemicals and coatings supplier, we ask the right questions to tailor your solutions to solve your unique challenges.  By partnering with Unichem, you have a laminating adhesives technology expert on your team as we create the solution together  that provides superior performance and value. We help you to build your competitive advantage and redefine the possibilities in your market.

UNICHEM’s innovative research team and manufacturing capabilities satisfy any sized project.  We offer customized product solutions with lightning fast turnaround time.  Contact us to see how our specialty coatings can provide solutions for your most complex coating and adhesive challenges.