HVAC Antimicrobial Coating Technology for Healthier Living

HVAC Antimicrobial CoatingHeating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, HVAC systems circulate the air, delivering heat or air conditioning for our health and comfort. Unfortunately, these systems can also spread airborne diseases, mold spores, and harmful pathogens.  As the air circulates through the HVAC equipment and ductwork, mold spores on surfaces, ceilings, and walls can get caught in the air, drawn into the HVAC system, and pushed throughout HVAC ductwork. This widespread system delivery of mold spores can foster new mold colonies to grow in places that would not have originally experienced mold growth. Mold growth can also occur on surfaces inside HVAC equipment, such as coils and on damp surfaces.

HVAC systems do not have to be the source of spreading disease or fostering mold growth. Antimicrobial coating technology for HVAC systems can help by protecting the inside of ductwork from harmful microbial growth.

Benefits of Antimicrobial HVAC Ductwork 

The most obvious benefit of installing antimicrobial coated HVAC ductwork,  is the reduction in the spread of harmful pathogens.  Universal Chemicals & Coatings, UNICHEM, offers antimicrobial coating technology for HVAC systems and ductwork which provides effective resistance to the buildup and spread of pathogens for the life of the coating.

Our custom chemical and coating solutions provide many benefits with antimicrobial treatment of HVAC systems, improving air quality and health in many environments such as:

  • Schools – anywhere children and young adults gather poses an opportunity for spreading germs, such as in daycares, elementary and middle schools, high schools and college campuses, gymnasiums, and cafeterias.
  • Hospitals – various medical facilities such as emergency rooms, patient rooms, surgical rooms, intensive care units, medical testing laboratories, and more all benefit from a reduction of airborne disease. Patients may already be immune-compromised and eliminating the spread of airborne disease through HVAC ductwork provides many health benefits in the medical field.
  • Commercial and industrial – many businesses can provide a safer environment for employees and patrons by ensuring the air circulation in their building is free from spreading harmful pathogens and mold spores.

These are just a few areas where antimicrobial coating technology in HVAC systems provides many benefits to the public.  Even residential home builders that incorporate antimicrobial coating technology appeal to the consumer market, where people are increasingly concerned about the spread of airborne disease.

UNICHEM offers antimicrobial coating technology that can be incorporated into a variety of our coatings and industrial adhesives to provide added protection against the buildup and spread of microbes. We partner with our clients and provide custom-engineered solutions to meet your specific requirements.


UNICHEM is recognized as a leading provider of high-tech, high-quality chemicals, and coatings with more than 50 years of experience.  We offer custom-engineered solutions to meet your specific requirements with a team of engineers possessing in-depth knowledge of chemical and coating technology. Contact us to learn more about our specialty coating solutions, including antimicrobial technology for HVAC systems.