Busting the Myths of Prepainted Coil Coated Metals

Prepainted Coil Coated Metals-Manufacturers may have heard some misconceptions about coil coated, prepainted metals.  As more OEMs are realizing the benefits of using prepainted metals in their products and processes, some are recognizing the many opportunities and benefits available.  Let’s debunk some of the most common myths about prepainted metals.

Myth #1: Prepainted metal is difficult to form. 

Coil coated, prepainted metal is designed with the fabrication process in mind, allowing for extreme bends which forms exceptionally well with no damage. Coil coated metal is produced to meet the demands of shaping and forming with a finish that is superior to post forming painting processes.  Additional information can be found on the National Coil Coating Association’s (NCCA) website in the tutorial “How to Form Prepainted Metal”.

Myth #2: Prepainted metal is more costly.

Prepainted metal actually saves manufacturers money when using the quality coatings and the right coil coating application process.  By eliminating the need to purchase paint or stain products, paying for the labor involved with post formed painting and maintaining an in-house paint shop manufacturers can save money and time.  Eliminating in-house painting procedures also makes compliance to environmental regulations easier with no hazardous waste to dispose of. Prepainted metal is often the most cost-efficient application method  which produces high quality products.

Myth #3: Prepainted metal is difficult to join. 

This is another myth that is simply not true.  Coil coated metals join in various methods with ease such as with industrial adhesives, mechanical assemblies and can even be welded. Prepainted metal retains a flawless finish with any joining method as coil coated metal provides an even, consistent finish even in hard to reach places and joints.

Myth #4: Prepainted metal coils are hard to handle.

This is false as metal coils can be easy to handle and work with.  Transporting prepainted metals can be accomplished easily without scuffing or damaging materials as can happen when moving finished products.  Coil coated metal products allow for a high quality finished product that did not succumb to marring surface during handling or storage.

Myth #5: Prepainted metal easily corrodes on cut edges.

This is absolutely not true as coil coated metal gives a more even and consistent coverage than post formation painting applications. Even exposed edges are coated with resistance to the elements and higher durability that post painted products. With uniform application and film thickness, exposed edges are tougher than they appear and hold up better than post painted products.

UNICHEM helps OEMs and manufacturers of all sizes realize the benefits of coil coated, prepainted metal products with superior coatings and custom designed formations.

Universal Chemicals and Coatings, UNICHEM, is a leading supplier of superior coatings used in a wide range of coil coating applications.  We offer custom designed coating solutions based on more than 50 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of polymer chemistry and resin science.  Contact us with any questions about improving your product offerings with prepainted, coil coated metal products.