Advantages of Bonding ACM Panels Prior to Painting

ACM PanelsAluminum composite material (ACM) panels are used in many construction applications as a durable building material.  Coatings on this type of metal must be cured correctly to maintain the desired finish of gloss and color.  Adhering the panels together with an industrial structural adhesive is becoming more popular due to the many benefits provided over using mechanical fasteners.  When using paints and coatings that require high-temp curing, however, it becomes critical to use the correct structural adhesive that can withstand the high temps in future processes.

Here are some of the most important benefits of sandwiching ACM panels with structural adhesives prior to painting:

Reduces labor costs – when fastening panels together onsite with mechanical fasteners or with welding, manufacturers must invest in equipment and skilled labor.  Even small panel assembly takes a great deal of space, labor, and time to assemble onsite.  Receiving preassembled panels drastically cuts down on labor expenses.

Lowers transportation expenses – using the right adhesive allows for preassembly as opposed to adhesives that cannot withstand high-temp coating processes.  If adhesives cannot withstand temperatures required in painting processes, panels must be shipped out for coatings, then shipped back for assembly.  The right industrial adhesive eliminates the need for additional shipping, saving time and money.

Quicker cycle time – painstakingly assembling ACM panels onsite or waiting on all necessary components takes valuable time and may cause delays.  Receiving fully assembled ACM panels expedites processing cycle times to improve schedules and deliveries.

Improved bonding strength – bonding an aluminum substrate directly, prior to applying a layer of coating or paint, delivers a stronger, more reliable bond.

Improved product quality – ACM panels bonded with durable adhesive improves product quality over mechanical fasteners with improved strength as well as insulative and noise reducing features.

Process Improvement – by switching to structural adhesives with resistance to heat and high temperatures, some OEMs can apply finish coatings or paints in house more easily with the flexibility allowed from improved cycle times.

UNICHEM Offers Custom Industrial Structural Adhesives 

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, stands out from other suppliers of industrial adhesives with the ability to customize formulations to meet specific requirements.  For manufacturers that require a higher temperature curing range, we offer vast experience in customizing coatings, paints and adhesives that provide cost-saving efficiencies.  Our industrial adhesive, uniBOND, offers many advantages to a wide range of applications such as lamination to metal, lamination to rubber, polypropylene, polyethylene, or lamination to vinyl. 

UNICHEM is an industry leader in providing customized industrial adhesive solutions to meet manufacturer’s precise application needs.  With more than 50 years of experience, a robust research and development team and vast industry knowledge, working with UNICHEM means you have an adhesive expert on your team.  Contact us to learn more about the many benefits of pre-applied adhesives and coatings and how to customize your adhesive application solutions.