A Better Solution for Manufacturers with an In-House Paint Line

Paint Line-Manufacturers with an in-house paint line might be wondering if there is a better solution. Some manufacturers have been painting in-house for decades and may be unaware that a better solution exists.  Moving to an outsourced, pre-painted metal from in-house painting processes can save many manufacturers a lot of hassle, time, and money as well as free up valuable space and capacity in house.

Here are some of the telltale signs that a manufacturer can benefit from outsourcing to a prepainted, coil coated metal:

Increasing expenses for in-house painting – if your in-house painting expenses continue to grow it could be a good time to explore prepainted metals.  Many manufacturers experience a never ending increase in environmental regulations along with maintenance on paint line equipment.  Purchasing, storing, and disposing of hazardous chemicals can get costly whether using liquid or powder coating processes.  Coil coaters can alleviate this burden with quality surface coatings performed off your premises.

Additional capacity is needed – manufacturers that paint in-house can outsource to free up valuable floor space.  By outsourcing the painting process, manufacturers can focus on their core business rather than worry about painting products which is fraught with challenges.  In-house painting processes is often the source of bottlenecks in the production process, as well as quality issues due to human error or inconsistent application techniques.

Quality issues exist with in-house paintingprepainted metal is applied with a coil coating process for a consistent and uniform application of paints, coatings or industrial adhesives.  Post-painted products leave areas that are not able to be treated such as in joints or bends.  When post forming prepainted metal, the entire sheet of metal is coated with a  more durable finish that withstands bends and forming and produces a higher quality of product.  When outsourcing your current in-house post painting process, you eliminate the chance of in-house scrap, returned goods and poor quality issues.

A good time to consider moving to an outsourced, coil coating application may be when upsizing or downsizing plant operations is necessary.  Coil coated metals can help manufacturers to reduce expenses and improve quality with painting or lamination bonding applications.  If new product lines are being introduced, consider using an outsourced coil coater and realize the benefits of prepainted metal.  If any of these issues exist within your in-house painting application, contact UNICHEM today and learn the benefits of outsourcing your paint processes to coil coated, prepainted metal.

UNICHEM is a leader in providing custom coatings, paints and adhesives with more than 5 decades of providing surface coating solutions.   We offer the unique ability to adjust our coatings and adhesives to meet specific manufacturing processing demands. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your in-house painting to a coil coater and improve your product quality with prepainted metal.