Top 10 Benefits of Prepainted Metal for Manufacturers

Benefits of Prepainted Metal for ManufacturersPrepainted metal is coated with a coil coating process, coating a continuous sheet of metal with a highly efficient process that improves quality and provides many additional benefits.

Metal coated with coil coating applications may include many surface options in addition to aesthetic paint or finishes.  UV resistant, corrosion resistant, weatherproof, and antibacterial coatings are just some of the metal coatings applied with a coil coating process.  Prepainted metals by coil coating with state-of-the-art coatings chemistry deliver unique properties not available with post-painted, traditional methods.

Manufacturers who outsource metal finishes to coil coaters realize many benefits over performing these post-painting processes in-house.  The most recognizable benefits of prepainted metal include improvements to product quality and cost savings for the manufacturer:

Product and Quality Improvements:

1) Improved coating quality and uniformity – coil coating sheets of metal provides a more uniform coating application with edge-to-edge coverage on a flat surface that has been consistently prepped and pretreated.  Tight coil coating controls maintain this uniform application consistently, which is mandatory for consistent high quality finished products.

2) Two-sided coveragecoil coated metals are typically covered on both sides of the metal as opposed to post-painting applications which usually is sprayed or applied only on one side.

3) Improved corrosion resistance – with a more uniform and two-sided coverage, metal products are better protected against corrosion with no chance of missed spots that can occur when post-painting on product seams or bends. Once rust begins in an obscure or out-of-sight area, it can be difficult to control and cause product quality issues.

4) Improved mar resistance – prepainted metals are protected with improved durability and can easily be moved, stored, and shipped without harming the surface.  Coil coated metals retain a more flawless surface over post-painted metal for a beautiful surface coating on finished products. 

5) Meets complex forming demands – prepainted metals retain excellent resistance to markings by retaining high hardness and durability while still retaining the needed flexibility for complex forming.  Many coil coated metals are expected to last a minimum of 50 years with resistance to weather, corrosion, color fading, chemical alterations, dirt, wear, and tear.

Processing and Cost Saving Improvements: 

Manufacturers that outsource their metal sheet finishings to coil coaters realize many processing and cost saving improvements by freeing up valuable resources.  Here are some of the most significant benefits of using prepainted metal: 

6) Save on capital equipment – coil coating machinery with shipping, placement and installation is costly and requires maintenance along with possible equipment upgrades. Installing coil coating equipment is not a one and done, it is an ongoing process fine-tuned for precise coating and laminating applications.

7) Eliminates the need for a post painting station – setting up a coil coating process or even a post painting station can take up a lot of space, capacity that could be used for other manufacturing applications.

8) Improves cycle times – prepainted metal eliminates dry times for post painting processes, which can cause massive bottlenecks with painting, drying, and curing, taking space and delaying assembly.  Improving processing times and reducing bottlenecks in the process significantly improves cycle times and overall productivity.

9) Staff can focus on core operations – utilizing the expertise of a coil coating specialist allows the manufacturer to focus on core operations and eliminates the need to train staff on post-painting processes.  Leaders can focus on nurturing customers and growing business opportunities with a simplified supply chain.

10) Reduces risk of environmental contamination – proper use, storage and disposal is required of coatings, paints, and industrial adhesives.  Companies must maintain compliance to all regulations enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or face costly fines for improper disposal or spills.

The durability and technical capabilities of prepainted metals outlast and outperform post-painted metals with no comparison. You can learn more about manufacturing with prepainted metals from the National Coil Coating Association (NCCA), and contact UNICHEM for all your metal coating needs. Prepainted metals are the material of choice for a wide range of industries and applications, such as vehicles, buildings, equipment, and appliances due to the many benefits to product quality and cost saving efficiencies.

Universal Chemicals & Coatings, Inc., UNICHEM, has been providing coating and adhesive solutions to the coil coating industry for more than 50 years. We have been a market technology leader in industrial coatings, adhesives and paints offering high-quality and customized solutions.  Contact us to learn how to improve your prepainted metal coating process and realize maximum benefit with coil coating metal solutions.